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Apex Legends Player Tosses Teammate Off A Cliff In Revenge Plot

There is probably nothing worse than having a teammate who is uncooperative. They can get in the way, slow you down, or just do their own thing, forgetting that they’re even on a team. With the advent of loot stations, they can now become straight up thieves, taking your hard-earned loot without a second thought. Such was the case for one Apex Legends player, who tossed their teammate off a cliff to get revenge.

It used to be that when you had a bad teammate, you could simply shoot them and get on with it. Of course, that led to a lot of back and forth, unproductive team killing that significantly lowered your K/D spread, wiping out days or weeks of grinding in just a couple of games. As a result, a lot of games—Apex Legends for example—have friendly fire switched off.

That means that if you want to punish a bad teammate, you’re going to have to get creative. U/tryunus87 decided that, for their creative kill, they would take advantage of their location and Wraith’s portal ability to exact their revenge. Tryunus87 had just purchased some armor and was circling the buy station when their teammate decided to just take it.

Rather than apologizing and saying that there had been a mistake, the teammate was unrepentant. Without the ability to shoot them, Tryunus set a portal near the buy station and placed the other end facing off of a cliff. When the treacherous teammate could be punched, Tryunus and their other teammate worked together to get the thief into the portal—which they did.

The thief met their end at the edge of the map, having been effectively booted from the game. Tryunus later said that they felt bad for having done this, but we’re glad that they did. Not only does it show you why you shouldn’t take your teammate’s gear, but it shows you what can happen when a dedicated and creative person is out for revenge.

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