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Apex Legends Has Amassed Over 100 Million Players Since Launch

Respawn Entertainment celebrated a momentous milestone yesterday as Apex Legends has reached over 100 million players.

As a thank you to the game’s community, the Apex Legends Twitter account shared the news alongside a short compilation of streamers who play the game on a regular basis. The video also shows a very short compilation of each of the game’s Legends in a variety of different situations, most of them showing off their unique skills. Alongside the video, the tweet also thanks players and claims that the team is “just getting started.”

Eagle-eyed viewers of this short video have also noticed that the area the Legends are running around in looks a little different from anything that’s currently in the game at the moment. This has led many to speculate that Respawn is giving fans a little teaser of an upcoming map change to be introduced in Season 9 which is rumored to start on May 4th after the current season’s battle pass expires.

Adding to the mystery is the strange date that has also been included in the video, meaning that something is going to be revealed on April 19th, just four days from now. There’s no real indication as to what will be announced then, but it’s not likely to be the start of a new season since the current season is still going. It could possibly be the announcement of a new character, the introduction of Titans or even a next-gen upgrade reveal, something which Respawn has said is a “high-priority.”

Whatever the case may be, this milestone indicates that Apex Legends is still massively popular despite stiff competition from both Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone. Apex Legends was on the verge of becoming irrelevant not too long ago, but consistent updates, new characters, and map changes have made the game one of the most popular battle royales out there at the moment.

Hopefully, Apex Legends is around for years to come, and keep an eye on TheGamer for news on the mystery announcement taking place in a few days.

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Joshua Robertson is a News Writer for TheGamer, based in Barnsley, England. When not playing or writing about Pokemon, Yakuza, or Fallout, he can usually be found spending too much time on Twitter @JoshRobertson97.

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