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Apex Legends: Eclipse Gameplay Trailer Reveals Catalyst Abilities

We got a new gameplay trailer for Apex Legends: Eclipse, the upcoming season featuring a brand-new map and a brand-new Legend. The new map is the Broken Moon of Cleo which features bigger points of interest on a generally smaller map, pushing players to more close encounters. The new Legend is Catalyst, and besides Cleo, she takes center stage in today’s trailer.

Catalyst’s abilities all center around her affinity for ferrofluid, which was described in the previous Stories From The Outlands trailer. While ferrofluid melts robots, Catalyst is able to handle and mentally manipulate ferrofluid to do her bidding, giving her an almost mystical suite of abilities.

Respawn hasn’t confirmed the full details of Catalyst’s abilities quite yet, but the trailer and a recent leak paint a pretty defined picture. Catalyst’s passive ability, rumored to be called Barricade, reinforces destructible objects, making doors much harder to open and possibly even increasing the hitpoints of deployable abilities like Newcastle’s wall and Rampart’s turret. Catalyst might even be able to repair objects as well.

Her Piercing Spikes tactical seems like an area-denial tool. Throwing an orb of ferrofluid at a flat surface, Catalyst summons a patch of spikes that slow enemies and might even cause damage over time the longer foes remain trapped in the sticky goop. And her ultimate Dark Veil ability summons a massive black wall of ferrofluid, blocking sight and maybe even bullets. It also applies a debuff to enemies which pass through the wall, which seems to render Seer virtually helpless while also knocking him off a zipline.

Catalyst’s finisher is particularly brutal, encasing Seer’s head in a sphere of ferrofluid.

The Ecplise trailer also reveals several new skins will be available on the season's battle pass, including cybernetic-themed options for Loba, Ash, Seer, Revenant, and Catalyst. For those looking to get a preview of Broken Moon, the official Apex Legends site has a breakdown of all the new map's points of interest, so you can get the lay of this broken land before launch day.

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