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Apex Legends Data Miners Tease Halloween Event, Shadow Royale LTM

Apex Legends leakers have revealed more information regarding the game’s upcoming Halloween event. A new limited-time mode (LTM), called Shadow Royale, should debut in-game later this month. Data miners have also unveiled some spooky Halloween skins that are yet to be released.

Data miners got to work on Apex Legends game files following the launch of the recent Aftermarket Collection event. Since the Aftermarket event went live, leakers have teased an upcoming Halloween event, a new limited-time game mode, Prowler pets, and new skins.

Shadow Royale, the upcoming LTM, flips the classic Apex Legends world on its head. Shadow Royale sees Revenant, a playable Legend in the game, take over the Apex Games. The LTM’s premise is very similar to the game’s main battle royale mode, though once downed, players will return as shadows. The shadows can’t hold weapons, and can only respawn a certain number of times. Your Shadow Royale run ends once each member of your team has been taken down.

According to information released by Biast12, shadows will have additional abilities in Shadow Royale. Shadows will be able to wall run, double jump, regain health automatically, regain health from finishers, smash through doors, and more. Shadows will have a “brutal long melee range,” and will be able to revive their downed teammates.

Data miners also revealed the upcoming addition of “shadow pets,” which appear to be Prowler pets. A long list of pet names was also revealed, which included some unconventional names like “Snorfles” or “Lickypants.” The exact purpose of these pets is unknown, though the “shadow pet granted to fill out your roster” description suggests they could substitute fallen teammates in Shadow Royale. It’s also worth noting that shadow pets will not take friendly fire, but will likely still be vulnerable to enemy Legends.

Badges and other cosmetic items have been leaked for the Halloween event as well. While none of this has been confirmed just yet, data miner Shrugtal revealed Halloween-themed skins for Loba, Bloodhound, Revenant, Bangalore, Caustic, and more. A new weapon charm was leaked as well, showing the Nessy charm in a pirate Halloween costume, complete with trick-or-treating basket.

There is currently no confirmed start date for Apex Legends’ upcoming Halloween event. The Aftermarket Collection event is still ongoing, and is set to end on October 20th.

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