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Apex Legends Characters Are Now VTuber Avatars

Respawn Entertainment has just announced a surprise series of Vtuber avatars are now available based on Apex Legends characters.Your next stream could be hosted by Bangalore, Mirage, or Octane with the right software.

Two of the new avatars will be wearing anime-themed skins from the new Gaiden event, which starts next week. Mirage will be wearing a My Hero Academia-themed skin that makes him look like Deku, while Octane’s Sea Legs skin is definitely inspired by One Piece. Bangalore’s look, however, is based on her new Prestige skin, Apex Commander.

Each of the new Vtuber avatars comes with a unique HUD overlay and emotes. Respawn even partnered with Cloud9 Vtuber Vienna to create an instructional video on how to download, install, and operate these avatars, which come with a few neat features. For example, each has a set of togglable expressions for when the default facial recognition just isn’t quite expressive enough.

Vtubing, or Virtual YouTubing, is a nice option for those that just aren’t comfortable showing their face online but still want to provide viewers with a virtual presence beyond a mere voiceover. These avatars are perfect for Vtubing since a lot of Vtubers already use anime characters as their avatars anyway.

Besides One Piece and My Hero Academia, next week’s Gaiden event will also bring an Evangelion-themed skin for Revenant and a Naruto skin for Wattson. As for Bangalore’s new Apex Commander skin, players will have to unlock all 40 vent items to unlock the prestige skin and then complete challenges to unlock its second and third tiers, which make Bangalore look more and more like a Titanfall Pilot. The Gaiden event will also bring back Armed and Dangerous mode, which will take place on World’s Edge, Olympus, and Storm Point, with weapons limited to shotguns and snipers.

Apex Legends’ Gaiden event runs from July 19 to August 2.

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