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Another Xbox Franchise Is Reportedly Getting Remastered, Possibly Gears Or Fable

Another major Xbox franchise is reportedly getting a remastered edition with a Halo: The Master Chief Collection level of quality. We don't know which one it'll be exactly, but it seems your best bet would be either the Fable or Gears of War series.

During the recent XboxEra Podcast, co-founder Nick 'Shpeshal Nick' Baker hinted he heard about the project from someone close to the development of the remasters. In his words, some big Microsoft franchise he's currently not allowed to name will get "the Master Chief Collection style treatment", and it has fans guessing what series it could be.

Baker doesn't have any information about the timeframe of the project, but there's a chance it might launch in late 2022 or, more likely, 2023. You can learn more about possible remasters in the video below at the 1:32 timestamp.

So, what can we expect from this mysterious Xbox remaster? Well, it'll reportedly bundle all the games from the unknown series in one collection, providing reworked gameplay that is more or less close to modern standards. Based on the mentioned Halo hint, you probably should expect brand-new cinematics – one of the greatest things about The Master Chief Collection, largely praised by the fans.

Also, Nick Baker believes the collection is something fans can easily figure out. He said most guesses will be "Fable or Gears" as those are one of the most well-known Microsoft franchises other than Halo. However, since the insider isn't allowed to name what this really is, it may not be Fable or Gears exactly. Maybe it's Crackdown, eh?

Remastering the franchise is possibly the best way to draw some new fans into a series prior to its next chapter. That's why both Fable and Gears seem like good candidates for the bundle. We already know that Playground Games has been working on a new Fable game for years now, and The Coalition has to tie some loose ends after Gears 5 as well. The original Fable has already received an Anniversary Edition back in 2014, but the other two entries still remain untouched.

Hopefully, this upcoming Xbox remastered collection will be well worth another purchase for fans, and won't be a letdown à la GTA Trilogy.

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