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Among Us Reveals Hide And Seek Mode

Among Us revealed a much requested feature at the Summer Game Fest, with the announcement that Hide and Seek mode is coming to the game. While the usual mode revolves around up to three imposters trying to secretly kill the rest of the crew, this is less violent take on the game. In the roadmap presentation, we saw a player wander around in the dark trying to spot other players.

The game is also getting new roles, like Scientist and Sheriff, and new cosmetics, while Coral, Rose, and Maroon skins were revealed. The Geoff Keighley mask, which made its debut last year as a limited time item, is also returning.

Achievements are also being added to the game, while the fifth map is in development. However, we did not see any of the map during this reveal. We literally only saw a few pixels of this map, suggesting it may be some way off yet.

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