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All the additions to Fortnite in February’s patch update, according to new leaks

Fortnite Chapter 3 has seen a lot of content getting added to the epic battle royale game.

The previous patch update in December introduced Klombo and saw the return of Tilted Towers to the game. More recently, a hotfix update also brought the Pizza Party item to the game, allowing players to heal up to 100 health and 50 shield.

The latest update on Tuesday, February 1, has brought many additions that have got fans of the game buzzing. Prior to the update, V19.20, leaker and data miner Shiina shared a tweet on possible additions that were expected to drop in the game.

Here’s everything you need to know about the leaks and what has been added to the game.

What are the new additions to Fortnite this month?

Covert Canyon POI

Many data-miners expected that Covert Canyon POI location would be coming to the game on the last update. However, this was delayed for unknown reasons.

Epic Games has now added Covert Canyon to the map. Leakers also believed that we'd be getting a collaboration which includes two skins, two back blings, two pickaxes and one emote.

The Foundation and The Haven Mask

The Foundation, which is the secret skin of chapter 3 season 1, will finally be available to unlock with the latest update. The Haven Mask can also be unlocked with various different mask variants available once you collect feathers.

Other bug fixes

Epic Games carries out bug fixes on its updates. Here are the bug fixes that will be pushed in the 19.20 patch:

  • Issue where Spiderman’s Web Shooters drop with the maximum amount of uses when eliminating a player with the mythic item.
  • An issue with navigating the compete tab where a bug forces you to the far right of tournaments in the list.
  • Players respawning in Creative Hub during games.
  • Issue with the Charge Shotgun weapon not saving in item spawner.

What did leaks and fans predict from this Fortnite update?

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Data miner Shiina shared a tweet of what fans can expect from the game:

  • Covert Canyon POI (The Grotto 2.0)

  • Cattus Cave Update

  • New cosmetics for the Foundation and Haven

  • New collabs, which might possibly be new outfits for Spider-Man and Mary Jane

  • Unvaulted Revolver

  • New challenges

Fans reacted to the tweet with their own predictions and thoughts. One user shared that they thought the Advanced Spider-Man suit would be an ideal skin for the upcoming new collab, while another said the Iron Spider suit would be great for the game.

Some users also wanted the three Tobey, Andrew, and Holland Spider-Man to do an epic crossover in Fortnite.

Other fans have also expressed their excitement on getting The Grotto back into the game. This was a POI from Chapter 2 Season 2, which was located directly in between Dirty Docks and Retail Row.

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