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All Six Hitman 3 Locations Have Finally Been Revealed

IO Interactive has revealed the final three locations you’ll get to explore as Agent 47 in Hitman 3. We previously knew about Dubai, Dartmoor, and Chongqing, but we can now add Berlin, Mendoza, and the Carpathian Mountains to the list.

The three new levels were revealed in the latest blog post from IO Interactive, which promised a spoiler-free look at the game’s globetrotting locales. Still, if you’d rather go into the finale blind, we’d recommend clicking that back button on your browser. But if you’re fine with a few location spoilers, here’s what you need to know about the new levels:

Berlin, Germany

“Head to the outskirts of Berlin, a city known for its fairytales, vibrant style and chaotic nightlife. Whether you’re looking for a place to reflect and recuperate or want to experience the dizzying adrenaline rush of an epic rave, Berlin will help you find both of those things and everything in between.” This location is said to make an appearance towards the middle of the game.

Mendoza, Argentina

The second to last mission of the game takes place in Mendoza. IO Interactive said you’ll be able to “take in the beautiful sights and acquired tastes of Argentina,” which probably includes a fair share of hidden briefcases, silenced pistols, and fiber wire.

Carpathian Mountains, Romania

“The final mission in the World of Assassination trilogy takes you to the Carpathian Mountains.” The teaser image shared by IO Interactive shows off a bleak mountain range, one that seems like an appropriate way to close out Agent 47’s career.

The other three locations are also mentioned in the blog post – if you haven’t yet read up on them, now’s your chance to get a sneak peek before Hitman 3 launches on January 20. IO said Hitman 3 will see Agenty 47 returning to action for the “most important contracts of his entire career.” Diana Burnwood and Lucas Grey will also make an appearance, as 47 continues to track down the last remaining members of Providence.

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