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AI: The Somnium Files – Nirvana Initiative: How To Clear Iris’ Somnium In Chapter 5

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At the end of AI: The Somnium Files – Nirvana Initative’s fifth chapter, you’ll be required to delve deep into the consciousness of Iris, the beloved pink-haired lstreamer from the first game. As with the other somniums in the game, you’ll need to ‘unlock’ five mental locks to progress and clear the somnium by solving a selection of puzzles.

This particular sequence parodies the iconic mobile game Pokemon Go, referred to in the game as Kusemon Go. In order to advance through the puzzles in this somnium, you’ll need to follow Iris’ instructions, collect the perfect set of Kusemon, and even take part in a Kusemon battle to progress.

Mental Lock #1

Before you can really get going with this somnium, you’ll first need to collect a set of three Kusemon. There are varieties available, with each circular Kusemon Point on the map representing a possible Kusemon that you can get. Each Kusemon is based on a secondary character from the story.

To obtain Kusemon for your team, you’ll simply need to choose the dialogue option that this particular character would prefer. If you’ve been paying attention to the story at this point, the choices will be fairly obvious, but if you’re stuck, here’s how to get a good starter team.

The very first Kusemon point you’ll see will have a picture of the background character detective Kagami. A running joke in the game concerns people not knowing his name, so to encourage him to join your team, all you’ll need to do is refer to him by his name, Kagami.

After obtaining Kagami, you can move northeast to find a Kusemon Point with an image of Mama. To get Mama on your team, you’ll simply need to entice them with your ‘Macho Muscles’. They’ll be convinced by this gesture and agree to join your team.

The third Kusemon you can obtain is the head of the Kumakura clan, Moma Kumakura. You can find this character at a Kusemon Point tucked behind some trees in the corner of the garden, south of Mama’s Kusemon point.

When you talk to them, choose the option ‘Water!’, the beginning of Iris’ streamer chant, to unleash Kumakura’s inner fanboy. After reciting the whole chant, he’ll join your team.

After obtaining three Kusemon, you’ll be asked to advance to the mansion at the north of the garden. Interact with the door, which will unlock the first mental lock, allowing you to progress.

Mental Lock #2

For the second mental lock, you’ll need to defeat some assassins using your Kusemon. However, before rushing into things, you should first create your strategy. Interact with the first Assassin and select the option to strategise.

Tama will tell you that this assassin is reminiscent of an assassin that Iris had encountered in reality. In this real-life encounter, Iris was assisted by Date, Ota, and Moma, so Tama reasons that it’d be best to collect at least one of these Kusemon to defeat the assassin.

If you followed our guide for the first Mental Lock, you should already have Moma. To find Date, you can head left of the entrance to the mansion to find some breakable lanterns. Break the lanterns, which will clear a path to an area behind the mansion. With this new route established, you will see Date’s Kusemon Point slightly north of where you broke the lanterns.

To recruit Date, you’ll need to tell him that you have some ‘classic material’ available. He’ll offer some profound words in return and join your team.

If you want to find Ota, he can be found in front of the exterior walkway connected to the mansion. In order to recruit Ota, you’ll need to respond to his nerdy reference with a nerdy reference of your own: choose the option Haggle Like A Bounty Hunter.

After assembling your team, you can head to the first assassin and select the option to battle. When you launch into the battle, you will be asked to select a Kusemon. You should probably choose Date to take on the three assassins in the fight. In the battle, you can alternate between his abilities ‘point and shoot’ and ‘wild shot’ to easily defeat all three assassins.

After you’ve defeated all three assassins, the battle will end, bringing you back to the mansion. From this point, you should go through the blue door, which will show you another part of Iris’ memory, and unlock the second mental lock.

Mental Lock #3

For the third mental lock, you’ll need to defeat the leader and open the third door. Head straight to the Mansion Leader and interact with them, then choose the option to strategize. Tama will inform you that the best Kusemon for this battle will be Boss.

To get the Boss Kusemon, head out of the house and head northwest. You’ll find their Kusemon point inside this wooden structure in the corner of the garden.

To recruit Boss as a Kusemon, you need to choose the option: ‘I’ll be your slave!’ to win her favour. After some embarrassment from all parties involved, she’ll offer to join your team.

You can now take on the Mansion Leader in a Kusemon Battle. When you do, choose Boss as your Kusemon and then get them to use their Blackmail ability. This will immediately do a devastating 999 damage and win you the battle. From here, head through the purple door, which will show us more of Iris’ memories, and unlock the third mental lock.

Mental Lock #4

The Tearer will reveal themselves as the True Mansion Leader and the final boss of this somnium. Once again you’ll need to interact with them and then choose the option to strategize in order to learn which Kusemon to use. This time, however, specific characters won’t be mentioned: Tama will merely suggest using only strong Kusemon.

At this point, if you’ve followed our guide, you should have the SR Moma, SSR Date, and SR Boss. If you want another SSR to make your team extra strong, you can easily find Aiba.

The Kusemon you currently have available can be found by pressing the button marked 'Kusemon list.'

Aiba’s Kusemon point can be found in a small alcove on the right side of the mansion building's exterior. To get her to join your team, you can select the option to give her a weevil, which she’ll love for some reason. Now that you have two SSRs in your team, the fight should be relatively easy to approach.

If you want to shuffle your Kusemon team around, you can continue to explore the garden to find more Kusemon. You want to make sure the team that you choose has at least one SSR to use. If you're ready, you can head back to the The Tearer/True Mansion Leader and interact with them to select the option to fight.

For the fight itself, we'd recommend using Aiba and alternating between their three attacks for the True Mansion Leader’s first form. If they die, you can then swap to one of your other Kusemon. Date also works fairly well for this fight, but be sure to use his two ranged attacks instead of the attack Treasure, as this attack does 0 damage.

After defeating both forms of the True Mansion Leader, you can head through the red door and watch the final piece of the memory, unlocking the fourth mental lock.

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