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Ahead Of Metroid Dread, Metroid Games Are Dominating The Wii U Chart

Metroid games are dominating the Wii U chart as fans of the series prepare for the release of Metroid Dread later this year.

Nintendo hit fans with a lot of information during its E3 Direct. The first trailer for Breath of the Wild 2, the reveal that Tekken’s Kazuya is joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and the announcement that Square Enix’s upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy game is also coming to Switch. However, one of the reveals Nintendo fans seem to be the most excited about is that of Metroid Dread.

Dread comes to the Switch this October, giving Metroid fans the chance to replay the games that come before it or play them for the first time for some people. Since some of those games aren’t yet available on Switch, some have been forced to fire up the Wii U.

That has been made evident by the console’s current chart. Metroid Fusion, the game that precedes Dread, and Metroid: Zero Mission are currently at numbers one and two in the Wii U chart. Pigs4ben shared a screenshot of the chart on Twitter before deciding to add to the Metroid hype by downloading Zero Mission and seeing what all the fuss is about. Both games were originally Game Boy Advance titles but were later made available on the Wii U.

Dread was supposed to be released a long time ago. Just a few years after Fusion in fact on the DS. Its producer confirmed as much following Dread’s reveal, explaining that the idea for the game was first thought up 15 years ago. After it became evident that the game just couldn’t be done on the DS, it was shelved. Now that Nintendo has the Switch, Dread is finally able to happen and it’s pretty clear Metroid fans are dying to see it.

Dread will launch on Nintendo Switch October 8, 2021. Judging by the hype surrounding it so far, it will easily become the best-selling Metroid game of all time. To kill time between now and Dread’s release, dive back into Metroid’s back catalog and remind yourselves of what the series has to offer. Especially if you still have a Wii U and can give Zero Mission and Fusion a try.

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