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Age Of Calamity: Finding All The Challenge And Quest Korok Seeds

Finding Korok seeds has become a completionist’s dream in the past few years: Breath of the Wild had hundreds to discover across its enormous open world and, when Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity came out, fans quickly discovered that there were Korok buddies to track down in that game, too.

Most Korok Seeds come from finding them within story missions. There are a few outliers, though – some Korok Seeds can be discovered inside non-story quests, while others are provided as rewards for completing certain challenges. This guide will walk you through how to find every unique Korok Seed in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. 

Korok Seeds Obtained Inside Non-Story Challenges

Mipha’s Training Korok Seed

This quest asks you to fight up a long corridor of enemies, with two bridges jutting out along the eastern side. Head down towards the first bridge and past it into the little nook of land there. You’ll find a flower waiting to give you a Korok seed!

Cross The Hebra Mountains Korok Seed

This quest asks you to follow a path heading south, with two routes jutting off to the east. Start by capturing the first outpost. Once that’s done, don’t head for the targeted location immediately. Instead, head directly south. In the southwest corner of the map, there’s an abandoned enemy outpost with a few wooden crates inside. Break the one closer to the mountain wall to find a Korok!

Anti-Ice Training: II Korok Seed

You’ll need to fight four ice Moblins to get past the first gate in this quest. Once you do, run past the Ice Talus you’re faced with and head south. There’s a hill you can turn east to run up and a bright pinwheel can be found on the lefthand side to discover a hidden Korok!

Innkeeper’s Request Korok Seed

Once you reach the first outpost to capture on this mission, head south and cross the bridge. There, you’ll find a small graveyard with two levels. On the hilled upper level, towards the lefthand side, is a little Korok pinwheel!

Winged Escort Korok Seed

Right before you reach the final outpost for this mission, the targeted location, veer off into the little area to the right. On the right-hand side, there will be a Korok tree stump to interact with.

Defend Zora’s Domain Korok Seed

In the Defend Zora’s Domain quest, two heroes will load on the northeast and northwest sides of the map. You should load in as the hero in the northwest. From there, turn back and head up the long path behind you. There’s a gate at the end of it with a little Korok pinwheel!

Elemental Uproar Korok Seed

There are two Korok Seeds that you’ll be able to find on this level! They’re both along the narrow path in the center. Complete the first task by capturing all three outposts – this will give you access to that area by controlling whichever hero spawned in the southeast corner.

The first is in a nook close to the exact center of the map and appears as a flower to interact with. Keep an eye out for the big wooden gate to find it easily.

The second Korok Seed can be found where this narrow path intersects with another that goes south-to-north. The tree stump you’re looking for can be found right in the intersection.

Polishing His Technique Korok Seed

This quest is a straight shot through enemies to reach the big boss at the end. You’ll notice that, towards the start, there’s a windy path heading south. Follow it! About halfway down, you’ll come across a Korok pinwheel.

Hair-Width Trial: Expert+ Korok Seed

When you enter this mission, head past the Octorocks and into the open area off the direct route, to the south. There, you’ll find a Korok balloon to pop! It’s not particularly hard – you can use Stasis, but may not even need it.

Hunting Partners Korok Seed

At the start of this quest, the heroes must follow Bokoblins before they escape the forest. Instead of following them north, go along the path that continues east. At the very end, that path veers south. You can find the Korok flower where the east-west and south-north paths intersect there.

Defend Hyrule Castle Korok Seed

Upon entering this mission, you’ll be prompted to retain control of four outposts. Immediately turn around from where you spawned and head towards the western outpost. Head down the first set of stairs. You’ll be prompted to turn right and go down a second set of stairs, but turn left to see a cracked wall there. Use remote bombs to explode it and expose the Korok pinwheel.

Korok Seeds Obtained By Completing Quests

Freeing Korok Forest

Freeing Korok Forest is a main quest in Chapter 3. There are actual Koroks to find within it but just completing it will earn you three Korok Seeds. 

Forest Dance Festival

Forest Dance Festival is a fun little quest that gives you five Korok Seeds. You’ll be able to participate after completing the “Water and Fire” quest in Chapter 5.

Hestu’s Training

Hestu’s Training becomes available once Hestu has become a playable hero (after completing the story quest “Freeing Korok Forest” in Chapter 3). It provides you with a quick and easy three Korok Seeds. 

Escape The Lost Woods

Escape the Lost Woods is a quest only unlocked once you’ve completed “When Courage Fails” (a story quest from Chapter 4). Upon completion, the player earns five Korok Seeds.

Hunting Partners

After finishing the quest “The Future of Hyrule” in Chapter 7, this quest – “Hunting Partners” – becomes available. Players will earn five Korok Seeds once they’ve finished it.

Hold The Line

Hold the Line is a late-game quest in the Korok Forest that can only be earned by completing the other quest “Taming The Savage Lynel.” It rewards the player with five Korok Seeds upon completion.

Helping With Heights

Helping With Heights is a quest for Hestu that appears in Faron after the player has completed “Each Step Like Thunder,” a Chapter 6 main quest. Completing it provides 15 Korok Seeds!

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