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Age of Calamity: Finding All Korok Seeds In Gerudo Town

Gerudo Town is a place that Zelda fans got to know quite well in Breath of the Wild. When we return to it for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, it is quite a different sight to behold. Gone are the friendly markets and people roaming the streets — this is now a place being overrun by Yiga forces.

In an early quest from Age of Calamity, the player must journey to the Gerudo Desert in the hopes of recruiting Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief. Hidden around this encounter are various Korok friends with seeds they can provide for you! This guide walks you through the easiest way to get them all.

Northern Ruins Korok Seed

This one is easy to find, right at the beginning of the quest. Just head right, past the rocks, and around the corner towards the ruin. It looks like a flower, but you can interact with it.

Rock Pile Korok Seed

This one is found towards the southeast. There’s a small, empty encampment there but it’s a red herring. Follow the wall around until you find a pile of rocks with cracks in them. Breath of the Wild players will recognize them instantly as rocks that can be destroyed with a remote bomb. Once you use your remote bomb Sheikah Rune to break them up, a Korok will appear!

Southern Wall Korok Seed

The next Korok Seed is towards the first quest objective, which asks you to approach Gerudo Town from the south. Follow the southern wall as far as you can to find a chest and a crate. Breaking the crate will reveal the Korok!

Castle Korok Seed

Next, you’ll need to progress through the story. Once you reach Urbosa and discover that a body double has taken her place, you’ll be able to explore the castle. Turn back towards the doorframe to see the stairs on either side. Head up them and around to find this Korok Seed on the balcony at the top.

Northern Gerudo Town Korok Seed

A gate that was closed previously will also be open now that you’ve added Urbosa to your team. Leave the castle and head north, out of the main courtyard and into one of the side alleys. In the northernmost part, there’s some junk where a Korok Seed pinwheel can be found.

Western Exit Korok Seed

Defeat the Yiga Blademasters as the game asks you to. Once you’ve finished that, you’ll be instructed to leave Gerudo Town via the western exit. As you’re leaving, turn right to find a Korok pinwheel beside a crate.

Western Ruins Korok Seed

Having exited out of the western gate, follow the western border of the map up until you encounter some ruins. The Korok seed can be seen glowing in the sand there.

Ruins Alleyway Korok Seed

From there, head north and then east. There’s a long strip of land running north to south on the eastern border of this part of the map. Enter it through the middle, then head south. At the southernmost point, you’ll find a Korok balloon. To get this Korok seed, you need to hit it a few times. It moves lightning-fast, so use stasis to keep it in one place.

Canon Korok Seed

Continue to progress through the story by heading to the target position and defeating your enemies with a loud attack. Once you’ve done that, the gates will open and allow you to access the last Korok Seed. At this point, you’re being asked to capture outposts but you don’t need to finish that before obtaining this Korok Seed. Head up the north-eastern path to reach the only gates which are still closed. There will be cannons lined up in front of them — as well as a little pinwheel hiding your final Korok Seed!

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