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Addison Rae Launches Blue Light Protection Mist, Suspiciously Similar To Valkyrae’s Cancelled RFLCT

Valkyrae was met with a lot of criticism after revealing a new gamer skin product that would protect its users from artificial blue light, citing dubious science that doesn't hold up under scrutiny, marketed to young people despite being equivalent to anti-ageing cream. But Addison Rae has decided to repeat recent history, launching her own version of the product.

Rae announced Screen Break, a new "skincare mist" that will protect you against the blue light of computer screens, phones, and TVs to keep that gamer skin smooth. "The blue light that comes from devices can actually cause skin fatigue," Rae claims in the announcement video. "So this is clinically proven to help protect your skin from those artificial blue lights."

However, a study from Beiersdorf's chief scientist of photobiology Dr Ludger Kolbe looked at the impacts of artificial blue light and found that the effects are "negligible". He stated, "The amount of artificial blue light emitted during conventional use of electronic devices is nowhere near enough to trigger harmful skin effects." According to their study, spending an entire week in front of a monitor is the equivalent of one minute outside on a sunny day. Kolbe added that "concerns about negative impacts on the skin are unfounded", so products such as Rae's are completely unnecessary.

The advertisement embedded above states that Screen Break is packed with ashwagandha, niacinamide, glycerin, and dandelion extract. If you don't know, ashwagandha is typically used to reduce blood pressure, niacinamide typically balances skin oil and makes pores appear smaller, and glycerin is a humectant that helps your skin retain its moisture.

It is a skincare product that's being peddled, just not one that's necessary for the reasons it's being advertised for, and there's nothing specific to it that helps with exposure to artificial blue light.

After the backlash, Valkyrae defended herself by saying that she thought it would help people, but the product was later cancelled. History looks to be repeating itself with Rae and Screen Break as the general reception is everything but positivity.

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