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A Step By Step Guide Through Maiden, The PS5 Exclusive Resident Evil: Village Demo

After the Resident Evil showcase on January 21st, Capcom was generous enough to release a small playable teaser of Resident Evil: Village in the form of Maiden for PS5 owners. The demo uses environments from the final game, but is a unique scenario separate from what players will experience on May 7th.

As more people buy PS5s in the upcoming months, they will no doubt be going through this short slice of horror. While it is a fairly easy sojourn, the following list will help expedite the journey. Avid Resident Evil fans should have no trouble escaping the dungeon, however.

Before You Get Started

Before starting the demo, there are a few things you should know. First and foremost, the demo is free and available exclusively to PS5 owners. Even though the final product will release on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS4, and PC as well, this demo is only for those who own Sony’s newest machine. Another demo will come out at a future time for other consoles, but this is said to be a chunk of the final game and not a unique experience.

Apropos of Resident Evil, the demo is littered with little notes to read. While these help build up the world and provide a better understanding of the enigmatic villains, they are not vital to completing Maiden. If you are interested in the Resident Evil lore, we recommend reading them, but do not feel obligated if you just want to beat the demo.

Additionally, combat is nonexistent in this gameplay demonstration. Only two moments during the demo actually have the possibility of giving you a game over, and only one of those is thrown directly into your path. This should at least help set your mind at ease, knowing those spooky noises won’t actually hurt you. With the preamble out of the way, let us move on to actually helping you beat this thing.

Escaping The Dungeon

You wake up on the floor of a prison, facing a cell door. A prompt simply says “Escape the dungeon”. Get up, turn around and grab the note in the brick wall placed at about waist height. Afterwards turn left, duck, and crawl through the hidden hole. After emerging, take a left through the cell door, which is unlocked.

Various nooks and crannies may catch your attention, but to progress you have to go to the end of the hallway and examine the lock on the box next to the large double doors. This prompts the sound of something slumping to the ground. Turn around and go through the second open cell on your left to find a dead body with bolt cutters sticking out of its back.

The bolt cutters unlock two doors, but only one of them is required to proceed. Go one cell door back in the direction from where you started and on the left open the door with the bolt cutters. Once inside, examine the bucket on the right to find the lock pick. Return to the large double doors,  unlock the box and pull the lever to open the doors and escape the dungeon. Don’t be intimidated by the startling noises; nothing will hurt you yet.

Getting To The Main Room

This section is pretty straightforward. Go through the room with the medieval-looking artwork and keep going straight through the next room with the barrels. Upon reaching the room with the table and the vinyl-record player, your attention will be focused on the red door next to the turntable, but this is locked. Instead, go around the table and open up the cabinets on the other side on the floor. The right door of the cabinet is slightly ajar, hinting that you can interact with it.

Crawl though the hole and go to the end of the hallway into which you emerge. Crouch, look right, and interact with the protruding brick. This opens up the wall behind you. From here, just go up the stairs and climb the ladder in the far right corner of the room. In this new area at the top, head to the far left corner to walk through the hole in the wall into a more formal area. Go left and through the white door. Take two rights and head through the other white door that is already slightly open.

Escaping The Castle

Now you’re in the final stretch. Head downstairs, accessed by the staircase found in the middle section of the upper level where you are, and head through the doors which are on the far left of where you are standing (the same side where the top of the staircase starts). It’s the only unlocked door on this floor, so it should be easy not to be confused. Once in this room, look on the far right side of the table for a red wine glass. Examine and rotate it to look inside and find the Maroon Eye Ring. Examine this and focus in on the eye to remove it.

Leave the same you you entered. A witch is now climbing the stairs, do not get too close or else it is game over. Once she leaves, head back up the stairs and insert the eye into door opposite the staircase. Once in the room, open the second cabinet to your right to find the Courtyard Key. Start heading back to the room on the first floor with the cup.

In front of the doors the witch will appear and try to kill you. There are two solid ways to best her. Either rush through her and the doors – she will bite you once but it will not kill you – or back up and let her come close to you before circling around her and heading into the room. Once inside, use the key to open the door to the courtyard and complete the demo. The conclusion is tragic, but you should not expect a demo taking place before the final game to have a happy ending.

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