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A Quarian King Based On Braveheart Was Cut From Mass Effect 2

A recent episode of Gamespot’s Audio Logs, where the people behind the scenes share stories of how games are created, gave an interesting insight into Mass Effect 2. Mac Walters, the Lead Writer for Mass Effect 2, gives fans a look into how the game’s squadmates were created and even shares how the now-iconic Suicide Mission came to be. While the whole interview is fascinating, and a must for any Mass Effect fan, the greatest things to come out of this is the revelation that Mass Effect almost had a character based on the Irishman from Braveheart!

As Walters talks through the process of creating and pitching characters, the accompanying video shows off snippets of a document used by the writers and creators to keep track of characters and personalities. One snapshot of the document shows off the short summary of a character dubbed “The Crazy Quarian King.” This is followed by some basic information like they can be either a male or female Quarian, they are in their mid-30’s to mid-40’s, and the player would run into them as they meet up with the Quarians, a truly interesting race of people, and they would seek the player out to join their crew.

However, the most interesting information about this crazy character is under the header “Why is the characters cool, amusing, or interesting?” Here ,the writers have listed a short reason as to why this king would make for a fun character–and it involves the film Braveheart of all things. In what is possibly the best descriptor ever used for a character, one of the writers have stated that this king was born from an idea that “comes from the crazy Irishman in Braveheart.” Apparently, this character would have lost dozens of friends, relatives, and fellow soldiers when Geth killed thousands of Quarians. The king would obviously want revenge but “is very ‘whimsical’ about it, like the Irishman.”

This whimsy is portrayed in an example conversation that the king might have in the game;

“Do I get to kill Geth?”

“Yes, you get to kill Geth.”


Unfortunately, the king didn’t make the cut for the game and we will never get to experience the crazy Quarian and his whimsical thirst for revenge. Though, he wasn’t the only scrapped character that had a ton of potential. Other parts of the document show off a character known as “Design-A-Krogan” that the player can raise and a deactivated 75-year old robot known as “The Tank.”

The video also shows off how aspects of some of the scrapped characters showed up in the others that were actually in the game. Walters also talks about the process of creating these characters and what traits or pieces of their biography really shapes them. It is a great look into how video game characters are brought to life!

So, while the “Crazy Quarian King” may never see the light of day, one thing is for sure; They may have taken his (pixelated) life, but they will never take his freedom!

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