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A Plague Tale: Requiem Reveals Dark Story In New Trailer

A Plague Tale: Requiem has just had a new story trailer revealed, and it shows just how dark the character journies for Amicia and Hugo de Rune are getting. These are two kids in the midst of something far greater than themselves, and it's beginning to take its toll.

Requiem once again follows Amicia and Hugo as they search for a cure for Hugo's connection to the rats. The two children are mostly on their own, trekking across France while vermin swarm all around and violent soldiers hunt them down.

As we wrote in our Gamescom preview, Requiem lands like a punch to the gut. Amicia is more hardened, and Hugo is having trouble controlling his rage and emotions as he lets himself connect with the rats more and more.

The trailer highlights that we're still playing as kids by showing them frolicking and chasing each other through a bright wood before it twists the emotional dagger in our side.

Amicia now has a deadly crossbow to add to her arsenal, showing she's not here to mess around anymore. Hugo also has the ability to control huge swarms of rats. In the trailer, we hear Amicia pleading for him to stop as she runs through a town being overrun by them, showing Hugo's having trouble keeping himself in check.

She's also frequently injured, as shown by a bloody gash on her head, and we see Hugo using a swarm of rats to kill a load of soldiers, screaming that he wants them to die. The story is clearly interested in the toll this kind of world takes on the de Rune children.

We also see the children on a lush island, supposedly where Hugo will find the cure to his ailments. If he doesn't, it could mean his death, something that would surely push Amicia over the edge.

A Plague Tale: Requiem is launching on October 18, on PC, console, and Nintendo Switch Cloud streaming.

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