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A New Monster Hunter Has Been Announced (Yay) For Pachinko Machines (Nay)

Last month, rumors swirled that the Nintendo Switch would see the first new Monster Hunter game since the 3DS days. Those rumors have yet to bear fruit, but here’s a slot machine to get us in the mood.

The new Monster Hunter: World Pachinko machine is made in collaboration with Enterrise, a Japanese company that doesn’t really have any operations in North America because Pachinko is a uniquely Japanese way to gamble. Rather than simply play Blackjack or a slot machine, Pachinko machines award players with special pachinko balls or tokens which then have to be laundered through a different company before they can be converted into actual cash. This bizarre operation is all to get around Japanese laws banning outright gambling.

Anywho, Monster Hunter: World Pachinko whatever will feature characters from the game, such as the Handler and your Palico kitty friend, along with a bunch of random hunters that look like they were created by pressing the randomize button during character creation.

There’s also a bunch of big monsters like Nergigante, Anjanath, and Rathalos.

Expect Monster Hunter: World to hit pachinko parlors in Japan “soon.” We’re still waiting on a new Monster Hunter for the Switch.

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