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9 Game Abilities We All Wish We Had

Everyone wishes they had some kind of superpower at some point in their life. There are countless problems and situations that could be easily dealt with if you were able to exercise one of the powers of one of your favorite characters. Sometimes people wish they had game abilities because of their use, but other times it's just because gaming makes them look so fun.

There have been countless incredible abilities that have shown up in games throughout the years, but only a few manage to stick in the minds of many gamers. While this list can’t cover every amazing power that’s been put in our favorite games, there’s bound to be at least one that’ll have you wondering about what could be.

9 Universal/Dimensional Travel – Bioshock Infinite

With how popular mentions of the multiverse have become as of late, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear many admit that they’d love to be able to freely travel between universes or dimensions. With how handy Elizabeth makes her tears look in Bioshock Infinite, no one could be blamed for wanting that power.

The thought of exploring infinity possibilities is something that likely entices many people. Everyone’s lives could have turned out incredibly different off of a minor choice, but at the same time, another universe could also be filled with unique advancements we don’t have access to.

8 Rewinding Time – Prince Of Persia

Everyone’s come across more than one moment in their life where they wish they had a redo. One more chance with new knowledge in order to avoid some kind of mistake whether that mistake was big or small. A certain power from Prince Of Persia would be perfect for all of that.

There are quite a few people who tend to misspeak or not say the best things on their first attempt, so access to time manipulation would make getting in a good first impression much easier in every situation. Their situations may be less dire than the game, but the power would still be awesome.

7 Super Speed – Sonic The Hedgehog

While most people probably wouldn’t want to look like Sonic The Hedgehog, most people probably would love to have access to his incredible speed. While his feats of speed have varied over the years, even basic super speed is enough for most people.

Whether it's the kind of speed that lets people run across a city in an instant or the kind that lets them run across the globe in an instant, it’s hard to deny how much fun super speed could be.

6 Enhanced Healing – Various Games

Even minor injuries can cause nagging pain for an extensive period of time. The concept of enhanced healing or automatic recovery over a short period of time is something everyone could make use of in their daily lives.

While the kinds of enhanced healing gamers typically come across in their favorite games don’t seem to tackle illness, it still would be nice to never worry about irritating hangnails ever again. Who knows, maybe even broken bones would be meaningless with the right kind of healing factor.

5 Stasis – Breath Of The Wild

If you don’t want the burden of being able to entirely manipulate time, you may be interested in freezing objects in time for a short period like in Breath Of The Wild. It may seem like a strange power to want at first, but it has plenty of practical applications.

The average person could become an everyday hero with a stasis power. Someone stumbles into a busy street or falls onto some train tracks, and someone with stasis could be there to halt everything safely to protect innocent people. It could be used in simpler ways like keeping the toast at the exact right temperature, but gamers like to dream big.

4 Enhanced Vision – Various Games

There has been a wide array of different versions of enhanced vision throughout gaming history. Whether the vision is used to highlight important objects, track people or creatures, or to just aid with sight when it’s hard to see, enhanced vision would be a treat.

People misplace their things or have trouble spotting something that someone else has pointed out all the time. With a kind of enhanced vision or detective vision, spotting anything important in the immediate vicinity could make life a lot easier.

3 Control Over Electricity – Infamous

For all of the games that give people access to control over electricity, none do it better than the Infamous series. The original Infamous did a lot to make a power that is often reserved for more villainous characters into something really fascinating.

Having electric abilities could be boring without any imagination, but the Infamous series has shown of a number of interesting applications for that power. Traversing a crowded city with control over electricity would probably be even faster and more fun than the standard transit systems.

2 Force Powers – Star Wars Games

Anyone who has enjoyed any kind of Star Wars media is likely to have wished they had at least a fraction of the incredible Jedi abilities that have been on display. While some abilities do overlap with others on this list, force powers remain unique.

Whether someone wanted to use the powers to enhance their standard abilities, launch lightning from their fingertips, or simply manipulate someone’s mind, there are lots to do with force powers. Not having a lightsaber might make the powers a bit less cool, but fantastical abilities are what this list is all about.

1 Control Anything – Mario Odyssey

Just how exactly Cappy works in Mario Odyssey is something fans have theorized about over the last few years, but the power is something that has caught everyone’s eye. Being able to control anything you can toss a hat onto could be incredible.

How many times have you had to go through the effort of moving a bunch of heavy furniture? If you could just toss a hat at a couch to become it, you could move the furniture with little effort. Just what that would do to a person’s psyche is an entirely different question, but the power would still be fantastic.

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