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8 Things That Don’t Make Sense In Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights is a unique experience that differs from other DC Comics titles. Focusing on four of Batman’s proteges, Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Robin, who are are tasked with keeping Gotham safe after his passing.

A Bat-family story can have its hang-ups. Four characters with very different personalities and fighting styles can be challenging to nail, so it’s not surprising that plenty of aspects of Gotham Knights that don’t really make sense. Pointless side missions, unwanted restrictions, and difficulty level issues are all among the several nonsensical factors in Gotham Knights. These are a few things you’ll likely be confused by during your playthrough.

8/8 Being Able To Hurt Citizens

To start, the Bat-family is generally not a threat to innocent civilians. They dedicate their nights to protecting the street, rather than posing any kind of risk for bystanders. But, Gotham Knights is a bit different. In the game, you’re actually capable of running up to civilians and eating them up.

The game enables you to protect the people of Gotham City, so it’s bizarre that this is an available feature to begin with. Other games like Marvel's Spider-Man, will only let you high-five or take selfies with NPC’s. That wouldn’t make sense for each of the Gotham Knights, but still, including this was a bizarre choice.

7/8 Getting Intel From Random Street Factions

Completing Gotham Knights’ story involves a lot of grinding. You can’t easily go from one main mission to the next, because you’ll be forced to patrol the city streets to gather intel. But, why random low-level criminals each have in-depth information about other villain factions is a mystery.

It’s also strange that you can approach any criminal group and effectively get the information you need. Any group of thugs, no matter how expendable they are, has priority intel just waiting to be punched out of them

6/8 Knighthood Challenges

The Knighthood challenges are a way for each character to earn their stripes in the wake of Batman’s passing. While you may expect these challenges to provide slight upgrades to your capabilities, you’ll be surprised to learn just how much is restricted without them.

Navigating the city via grapple can be a frustrating and clunky experience. It doesn’t flow the way you’d hope, making the process more of a nuisance than it is helpful. Knighthood challenges provide you with easier traversal through gliding, but it’s strange you have to earn these abilities, instead of unlocking the entire arsenal. If Batman is dead, you need to use every advantage you can think of.

5/8 Jumping Is Limited

Only certain surfaces enable you to perch yourself onto them. If you thought you could easily jump over railings and short walls, you’ll be disappointed to learn that you’ll be stopped in your tracks. Being restricted in this way makes it much more difficult to get around, especially in stealth sequences.

It doesn’t make sense that some structures are accessible while others of similar heights are not. These limitations can make or break your mission if you’re trying to get away from enemies. The last thing you want while fleeing is to be stuck behind a short wall, scrambling to find another way around.

4/8 The Batcycle Camouflage

The Batcycle camouflage effect is probably incorporated for the sole purpose of looking cool, but when you consider it from a practical standpoint, it’s pretty nonsensical.

Even if the bike was invisible while you’re riding it, you wouldn’t be, so it wouldn’t be helpful for stealth. The other possibility is the bike isn’t invisible, but appears out of thin air when called upon. Either way, it seems like a pointless feature that doesn't add up. And if it's a security thing, Waynetech can surely come up with a nice lock.

3/8 Abnormally Large Heavy Hitter Enemies

Heavy hitters are common in games like this, but they’re unusually frustrating in Gotham Knights. The enemies seem to be thrown in for the sole purpose of slowing you down, and they gradually get more difficult to fight.

In the Arkham games you could explain this with the Titan chemical, but here they're just abnormally tough. They start to feel like unnecessary roadblocks that repeat the same few attacks over and over again. It’s as if the developers ran out of challenges for the heroes and have resorted to tedious, repetitive threats instead.

2/8 Factions Being Difficult To Fight With Levels

An enemy can be a little too easy to defeat when you’re just starting your game, but these wimpy NPC’s only become increasingly difficult with time. The level of their difficulty changes as your level increases. While that's a typical RPG mechanic, it makes no sense from a story perspective.

There’s really no reason for these enemies to become more difficult to defeat as they continue to use the same move sets and have the same level of strength. As you progress, they’ll become invulnerable to attacks for some time. This is just one of the many flaws of the leveling system in the game. It would have made sense if the NPC models were replaced by different, tougher goons at least.

1/8 The Premeditated Cases

Every now and then, you’ll come across a premeditated murder scene. A body will be found in any number of areas, and it’s up to you to solve the mystery of who committed the crime. Despite being premeditated murder, these cases don’t seem to be prioritized by the Gotham Knights.

Sometimes, the Bat-family will solve the murder and not follow up, which seems unusual for what would be more of a pressing matter. Why wouldn’t these heroes jump at the chance to bring villains to justice? You’d think this would be a top priority for the group.

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