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8 Hidden Plotlines Everyone Missed In The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me

Diverging paths are a given for The Dark Pictures Anthology, and The Devil in Me is no exception to its predecessors. Unlike other Supermassive games, The Devil in Me focuses on human enemies in a hotel modeled after H.H. Holmes’ Murder Castle, America’s first known serial killer.

Not unlike the others, The Devil in Me mirrors the games that came before it as a story of choices. The Butterfly Effect takes a strong grip over the story here, as entire plotlines may be missing from your playthrough whether you’ve lost a character or made a seemingly insignificant choice. Because you may have missed something during your first walk around the island, these are eight hidden plotlines that are commonly missed.

This article contains plot spoilers.

8/8 The Truth Behind Joseph Morello

When you meet Joseph Morello, he’s posing as Granthem Du’Met, inviting the Lonnit crew to the island. Once Jamie witnesses him and his daughter frantically running to the ferry and subsequently leaving, it’s clear that something else is going on here.

With some proper sleuthing, you’ll come to find out that he is actually a horror writer, Joseph Morello, who is of the previous guest family. You’ll also find Morello and his daughter dead at the docks, which asserts that they never actually made it off the island. It may also be revealed that Joseph Morello was forced to pose as Du’Met, luring the crew onto the island in order to save himself and his daughter.

7/8 Mark And Kate Become Complicit

It takes a specific set of circumstances in order to have Mark and Kate see Morello’s confession video. Kate will be tortured while Mark watches. He’s told that if he wants to save Kate, he’ll call a number and read from a script pretending to be Du’Met.

If you choose to make the call, you’ll bring a new group onto the island, and once they’re inside, you’ll run off to the ferry with Kate. A child will watch through a window as they flee, just like Jamie did with the Morellos. You might think you’re home free at this point as you’re in the middle of the water, but Du’Met reels you back in and murders you.

6/8 Topeka, Kansas

The failing true crime show, The Architecture of Murder, has covered other murders and locations in other episodes. One area that is constantly referenced is Topeka, Kansas. Based on the characters’ mentions of Topeka, it’s clear that things have gone horribly wrong during their visit.

Since the H.H. Holmes story is real, it’s likely that the group was investigating a real murder in Topeka. They may not go into detail, but there have been a couple of murders that have taken place there that are still shrouded in mystery.

5/8 Kate’s Distressing Past

Kate is struggling emotionally during the plot, though she may not express it. You’ll find her holding an amethyst crystal for comfort to cope with her anxiety. It’s evident that Kate’s anxiety originates from something other than the situation at hand.

It could be Topeka, as Kate continuously mentions it, expressing frustration toward Charlie. But, it may also be the murder of her old friend. If Kate survives, the Curator will mention Kate’s trauma as a major obstacle for her, so there’s definitely more to the story here.

4/8 Accident From A Storm

While waiting for the ferry, Charlie and Mark will explore the island in search of a film opportunity. While searching, you’ll see a plaque, remembering 187, instead of the repetitive 178, that died on the shore.

A large storm caused the SS Cassiopeia, the same name as the vessel in Dark Pictures’ next installment, to crash below the cliffs. This event happened in 1907, more than a century before the Lonnit crew arrives at the docks. Perhaps this mass tragedy is what drew Du’Met there.

3/8 Silver Ash Institute

If Erin survived her first encounter with Du’Met, you’ll be able to visit the Silver Ash Institute. A lot of Du’Met’s work can be found here including medical-based animatronics. But some of the more chilling details can be found in his deception. You’ll find Jamie’s phone that shows texts between her and a friend. In the texts, Jamie expresses her dislike of Erin, which obviously offends her.

She can then find a tape recording of Charlie’s voice asking Du’met to kill his team. This is of course an edited version of their first phone call, but it convinces Erin that Charlie is the killer.

2/8 Du’Met’s Experiment Process

Du’Met doesn’t pick his victims at random, he selects them based on specific information. Most importantly, he ensures no one will come looking for them. But his love for killing extends beyond the sick satisfaction he gains; it also fuels his disturbing sense of curiosity, which can be seen through his more human-based animatronics.

If you take the extra time to explore his warehouse, you’ll see the process that goes into the aftermath of his killing, including the tests he performs on his victims.

1/8 Joseph Morello’s New Story Draft

In one of the hotel rooms, which the Morello family was most likely staying in, you’ll find journal entries and book copies. The most notable of the documents is a book with a handwritten title. Reading it, you’ll see that Joseph Morello was beginning a draft for his next book.

It’s questionable when Morello began this draft, but being that he was kept alive throughout his stay, the time he spent was long enough for Morello to get creative. It wouldn’t be surprising if he found his circumstances oddly inspiring for horror writing.

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