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8 Biggest Changes In Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion is the remaster of the PSP title Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7. This remaster has a plethora of new additions, which include gameplay changes, UI changes, visual changes, and more. Additionally, there is a multitude of audio-related changes found in Crisis Core Reunion, stretching from the voice cast to the soundtrack.

With so many new parts in the remaster, it can be hard to pinpoint just what exactly has changed. Some of the changes are quite obvious, while others might be hard to catch.

8/8 New Models And Textures

The most obvious change with Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion is the character models and textures. These have been completely replaced from Crisis Core's PSP release, with brand-new models that look straight out of Final Fantasy 7 Remake replacing them.

The models do not look quite as good as those in the Remake, but this is largely due to the lighting. They look incredibly sharp and truly elevate the experience with the expressions and emotions clearly displayed by each character. The animations from the original game were also reused, so the cutscenes you know and love are just the way you remember them.

7/8 New Voice Cast

Crisis Core Reunion features an all-new voice cast that has replaced the original voice work from the PlayStation Portable release. Characters such as Zack and Sephiroth, who appeared in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, have their Remake voice actors return for Crisis Core.

Brand-new characters that are exclusive to Crisis Core Reunion (for now) like Genesis or Angeal also have new voice actors compared to the PSP release. There is currently no option for the legacy voices in Reunion, which has upset some players who prefer the prior voices of these characters.

6/8 Fully Voice Acted

With the new voice actors aforementioned, Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion is now fully voice-acted. Each interaction that is had within the game now has voice acting, which is a massive change from the original game.

A large majority of the dialogue in Reunion is completely new, which is a great change considering most of Crisis Core's original PlayStation Portable release did not have voice acting.

5/8 Revamped Combat System

Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion basically has a brand-new combat system. While it keeps key features of the original, the combat much more closely resembles Remake now. The DMW is still a critical part of combat, allowing Zack to utilize Limit Breaks, however, besides that and the item management, the combat is vastly different from the original Crisis Core.

The new combat makes the game so much more enjoyable, by allowing you to experience a satisfying gameplay look that is both flashy and responsive.

4/8 Newly Arranged Music

The original soundtrack for Crisis Core has been fully remastered and newly arranged in Reunion. The original composer Takeharu Ishimoto returned to arrange the soundtrack for Reunion, which keeps the original overall vibe, but it now adds flairs like the ones we hear in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

There is an extra level of polish here that was not present in the original game, which is saying something considering the quality of Crisis Core's soundtrack.

3/8 Revamped Menus And UI

The new menus and Remake-like UI are huge changes to Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion. The menus now resemble the ones found in Final Fantasy Remake or Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

This change allows for the menus to be much easier to read, as well as much more accessible. It is much easier than the original Crisis Core, which is a huge help when you go in to edit your equipment or fuse new materia.

2/8 New Summon Cinematics

While Crisis Core Reunion, unfortunately, did not do much to the CGI cutscenes, Square Enix took it upon themselves to completely remake the original summon cinematics found in the game. Some of these summons can be tricky to find, but locating them is extremely rewarding with the beautiful cinematics you will view as a result.

This is one of the most noticeable additions right out of the game, especially when comparing them to the remastered cutscenes found throughout Crisis Core. A brand-new design for Bahamut Fury was created for Reunion, which can be seen in its summon cinematic.

1/8 The Buster Sword

One of the most blatant changes in Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion is the Buster Sword. The design has been completely changed from the original PSP release of Crisis Core to match the design found in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Originally, the Buster Sword had gold accents and was slightly curved by the hilt in Crisis Core. The Remake Buster Sword seems to be the only design Square Enix will use going forward, so it does make sense that this was changed to match that. Even in CG cutscenes in the game, the model of the Buster Sword was changed to match Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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