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60 Games Might Be Set To Leave PlayStation Now In May

PlayStation Plus will undergo a makeover this summer wherein both PS Plus in its current form and PS Now will be replaced with a new three-tier system. PS Now will cease to exist entirely with its current subscribers migrating over to PS Plus Premium, the highest of the three tiers, when the changeover occurs. As for the games you can currently enjoy through PS Now, it would appear some of them won't be making the transition to the new setup.

As was first spotted by Cobra_Bite, who shared their findings on Reddit, a number of titles currently available to play through PS Now have labels stating they will be leaving the service in May. Others have that same expiration date some of the time, while at others times don't seem to be showing a date at all. There are 56 games in total that either have the expiry date sporadically or all of the time.

Some of the more notable titles among those that will seemingly not be making the jump to the new service include Silent Hill's HD Collection, Metal Gear Rising, and Virtua Fighter 5. There's also more bad news for Sonic fans. There are 11 games from the blue blur on the list, every major launch in the Sonic series since Unleashed sped onto PS3 in 2008.

While 2022 has largely been a pretty good year for Sonic fans so far between the new movie and Origins launching this June, it hasn't been a great week. Sega revealed this week that all of the games being bundled together as part of the Origins collection will be delisted in May ahead of its launch. That combined with the potential loss of 11 of Sonic's newer games through PS Now means a huge chunk of the hedgehog's games will be a lot harder to access by this summer.

Despite the potential loss of almost 60 games that can currently be found on PS Now, the move to a new PS Plus service will largely be a good thing. Access to an extensive library of games from PlayStation's oldest consoles right through to the PS5 should you opt for Premium. Even better, if you have active subscriptions to both Now and Plus, your account will become a Premium one whenever it becomes available in your region and won't expire until the end of whichever one will be active for the longest period of time.

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