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6 Best Worst Roommate Combinations In Happy Home Paradise For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

When Animal Crossing: New Horizon's expansion, Happy Home Paradise, allowed players to pair up villagers as roommates, we all became obsessed with the most appropriate pairings, the worst pairings, the unexpected pairings, and more. In this article, I plan to take on the question: who are the best worst roommate pairings?

What does it mean to be the best worst roommates, you may ask? Well, they're funny combinations, first and foremost. They might be the best because they play off each other well, but the worst because they'd be annoying to be around. They might be the best because their styles fit together so well, but the worst because their personalities don't. Whatever the pairing, I guarantee you'll have fun (and maybe a healthy challenge) designing these houses.

6/6 Velma And Bob

When one friendly goat asks you to build her a dream vacation home and describes a schoolhouse, what do you do? You build it for her, of course!

However, the beautiful center of education you build for Velma will start to feel a bit empty without any students. You could put her in charge of the school that you can visit next to Resident Services, of course, but her main home will always be empty. She asked for a school for a home, so we can only assume she wants to come home from a long day of work and just- keep working!

Enter: Bob. He's a sweet cat with a lazy personality who would make the perfect student for Velma. Did I ask him if he wants to spend his vacation memorizing times tables? No, but I'm sure he won't mind.

If you build a house just for him, Bob asks for a garden. An indoor one, mind you, but you could still give it to him outside for recess, or on the second floor.

5/6 Vic And Rod

This pairing would create the chaotic atmosphere anyone would love to get lost in!

Rod is inspired by pirate designs, while Vic goes for a classic adventurer, Viking style, so the combination is as natural as it is brilliant. A house built for just one of them would be the perfect inspiration for any D&D setting. When you put them together, explosive things are bound to happen!

Perhaps you design a harbor town where people can come to dock and trade their plunder. Perhaps you design an adventurer's tavern where weary travelers rest their heads and fill their bellies with mead. Perhaps you build up the entrance to a dungeon, where the heroes are getting ready to face a vicious monster.

Of course, chaos is often followed by some disappointment, whether it's small (like a hangover) or large (like a stab wound from the elf you accidentally insulted). Still, the wild ride will probably be worth it.

4/6 Punchy And Merengue

Merengue would undoubtedly be an enabler of Punchy's weed addiction, constantly providing an endless supply of munchies.

Enough said.

3/6 Grizzly And Bruce

Grizzly and Bruce may both have the 'Cranky' personality type (meaning they respond to all comments and questions like you'd expect your grandfather to) but they exist on opposite ends of the spectrum.

If you've ever had Grizzly on your island, you know that the inside of his home is pretty bare, covered in sand and only the essentials to survive. His wallpaper is of the night sky since stargazing is a beloved pastime of dedicated campers. You get the sense he's the real outdoorsy type who can't believe you don't take two hikes and a canoe trip to get to your campsite.

Bruce, meanwhile, has walls in his home covered in street art and graffiti. When he asks you for a vacation home, he's looking for a place to enjoy board games with friends. To build it, you're offered all sorts of things to create a welcoming and fun environment for a game night with the buddies! This homebody doesn't really seem like he'd enjoy going out and roughing it in the woods.

So, what happens when you put these two in a house together?Well, that's up to you! It's wonderful to think of the ways that these two might rub off on each other or learn to separate their hobbies – annoy each other, or live in wonderful harmony.

2/6 Marshal And Chief

A "foil" is a character in a story meant to bring out or highlight particular traits in another character, whether good or bad. They might be the villain, the best friend, or just a side character that appears in a few scenes. Draco Malfoy is a foil for Harry Potter. Mary Bennet is a foil for Lydia Bennet. Cindy Lou Who is a foil for the Grinch.

With the right foil, Marshal could be a perfectly pleasant villager. Alongside Chief, though, they're both more pretentious than they were apart. They may be two very different brands of pretentious, but I don't think they're impossible to combine, and I don't want to be around when it happens.

1/6 Timmy And Tommy

Imagine you're a little raccoon child. We all know what that feels like, right?

So, you're this raccoon boy, and you're entirely indistinguishable from your twin brother. You look the same, you dress the same, and even your names are only different by a single vowel.

Then, you get to go on vacation. You get a house built all for yourself! You get a personal space to kick back and relax! You no longer have to work for your capitalist father and can enjoy time under an even worse capitalist family friend!

Except you have to share it with your brother.

Happy Home Paradise literally forces the player to room these two together; if you scan the Timmy amiibo, you get Tommy, and vice versa. Under no circumstances can the two be separated. I love my brother but, if that were me, I'd be crawling up the walls on day three. Odds are, if you return to check on them a few weeks after building their vacation home, you'll find a line drawn in sharpie down the floor of the house and both of them glaring at each other from either side.

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