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505 Games Details The Future Of Indivisible Without Lab Zero

Production on Indivisible is grinding to a permanent halt, as developer Lab Zero no longer exists. Producer 505 Games took to Twitter to make the announcement today and apologize to fans who were waiting for updates.

The announcement references the “recent restructuring and dissolution of Lab Zero.” The larger story is that, back in August, multiple Lab Zero employees quit due to alleged abuse at the hands of founder and owner Mike Zaimont. Those who left posted lengthy accounts on social media of Mike Z’s sexual misconduct, racial jokes, and all around abuse. They claimed that Mike Z never apologized or took action to correct the Lab Zero environment. Then, in September, Mike Z laid off all remaining Lab Zero staff without severance.

Now, in light of Lab Zero having no one around to work on its games, 505 made the decision to end all support for Indivisible. This includes previously-announced Kickstarter content like backer-created characters. Also gone are the promised guest characters from other indie games.

The last piece of content for Indivisible will be an already-submitted update for the Nintendo Switch. This update will add Couch co-op, New Game+, and Razmi’s Challenges to the Switch version. The update is planned to launch on October 13, and probably only slipped under the radar because it was awaiting Nintendo’s approval for some time. The addition of these features will catch the Switch version up to other platforms.

As for Lab Zero’s other flagship game, Skullgirls, fortunately there is another. Autumn Games owns the IP, and Hidden Variable works on the mobile version. According to them, Mike Z had little involvement and so development can continue without him. There is a future for Skullgirls that allows its passionate fanbase to play on.

The same can’t be said for Indivisible, and that makes for a sad day for fans. Many backed the game with hopes of seeing their favorite backer character make it in. At the same time, 505 can’t exactly put out more content without any developers. All we can do now is wait to see where the Indivisible team lands and what they work on next.

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