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5 Things We Loved About The Sims 4 Paranormal (& 5 Things We Wish It Had)

The Sims 4 Paranormal brings some supernatural new features to the game. It includes a selection of new clothing and accessories as well as furniture and decor items. Alongside this, you’ll find plenty of new gameplay options with a new skill, career, and lot type.

However, despite the stuff pack being crammed with new content, there are still a few things we wish we’d seen. We take a look at the very best aspects of the stuff pack as well as those we wish had made the final cut.

10 Loved: The Haunted House Lot Type

The new Haunted House Residential lot type will ensure that your home never quite feels the same. It will not only begin to attract a range of specters but you’ll also discover some other things that go bump in the night.

Lights will flicker and you’ll also hear some creepy moans and screams. Keep your sound turned up for a full haunted house experience. The number of paranormal experiences you have will depend on how you respond to them, a system that works well to keep things interesting.

9 Wished We Had: More Traditional Ghosts

The visiting specters are mostly very cute. They range from friendly green ghosts up to firey angry red specters but even the crazy ones are adorable. You can even find unique specimens.

While the hauntings are cool, we’d have liked to see more regular ghosts. There is HER but the only other regular ghost who shows up with any frequency is Guidry who is very friendly. You can add the haunted lot trait to increase this but mostly the hauntings are specter-based.

8 Loved: Guidry The Ghost

Guidry is a fantastic companion to have. Not only does he give you advice about how to deal with the new paranormal problems you’ll encounter but he can also offer practical help. He’ll even help you join the new paranormal investigator career.

If your needs are low then Guidry has your back and the eternally flirty ghost will even enter into a relationship with you, should you so desire. As a bonus, you can banish him from your home if he gets to be too much.

7 Wished We Had: Ghost Babies

While you can WooHoo with Guidry, unfortunately, ghost babies still aren’t back in the game. Your Sim can only have babies with Guidry if you bring him back to life.

This pack would have been the perfect opportunity to bring ghost babies into the game but sadly babies, in general, are still lacking love. Hopefully one day we’ll see them become more than just objects.

6 Loved: The Return Of Bonehilda

Bonehilda is the skeletal maid we all want to come and clean our house. She’s sassy, flirty, and always up for a dance. Not only will she clean, but she’ll also fix things, fight ghosts and generally be a great companion.

You can woohoo with Bonehilda, as well as enter into a relationship with her. However, you can only add her to your household with cheats and the process has some issues.

5 Wished We Had: Her Trademark Coffin

Bonehilda is now summonable through a séance table and her trademark coffin is no more. She will instead hang around for a day or so before vanishing. You can then immediately resummon her.

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If you want to take her out on the town you can also use a séance circle to summon her onto any lot in any world. Adding her to a group helps you have fun together, but we still miss the iconic coffin.

4 Loved: The Bohemian Create A Sim Items

The bohemian create a sim clothing is colorful, cute, and perfect for all seasons. The feminine-styled clothing is full of bright floral prints, loose floaty styles, and cute jeans. This is complemented by masculine-styled tops, trousers, and layered styles.

The items match well with each other as well as the other items in the game to create some quirky looks that perfectly compliment the pack’s vibe.

3 Wished We Had: More Kids Clothing

As is often the case with stuff packs, the younger Sims are ignored when it comes to clothing. This is a frequent occurrence but is especially noticeable this time due to the fact that apart from hairstyles there is just one item.

While there are a few similar masculine tops and the women have trousers, shorts, and a dress, children have just one feminine styled full-body outfit. It would have been nice to see at least one outfit in a child’s masculine style as well.

2 Loved: The Mix And Match Furniture

The furniture is the epitome of mix and match hippie and boho chic. If you loved Movie Hangout then you’ll love this. It has the same vibes but its slightly more muted patterns and tones make it more versatile.

The couches are a particular highlight as we love the cushions and throws, something usually only found in custom content. There are also several plants and clutter items which are always appreciated.

1 Wished We Had: An Interactive Crystal Ball

The séance table is a very important part of the pack and while we love how the crystal ball displays images when you use it, we wish the ball itself was interactive.

Separating the items is perfect, so we can use the crystal ball as decor, but it would be nice if séances could be triggered using any table with the crystal ball on, even if they had more limited options.

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