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10 Pro Tips To Beat Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends Raid Chapter 3

The final part of the raid in Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends is the culmination of Sucker Punch’s free update, which left players surprised beyond all expectations. The Tale Of Iyo’s epic conclusion does not fail to rise to quality of the main game, and sees Ghosts face against her evil in a legendary one-on-one duel.

Ghosts who know what to do can beat this chapter in as little as fifteen minutes, unlike chapter one. Some players have even been finding ways to defeat Iyo with only two people on their team, upping the challenge’s ante. Completing it with less than five stacks of corruption on every player is a great way to test individual skill, and it will unlock the last cosmetic to be found in the update.

10 Build Your Character Appropriately

Expect waves of enemies going into the fight, but do not shy away from dueling skills. Independently from the situation, at one point or another each player has to fight Iyo. This will require everyone to bring their top tier gear and most useful items to the fight, to ensure a swift and decisive victory.

Some reworking in the technique skills can also benefit players who are used to tackling different situations. This chapter is like a separate bubble from the rest of the game, striking a mix of perks that bring individual and collective benefits is key.

9 Bring Water Stance Katanas

At first glance it seems like a good idea to use Stone Stance against Iyo, since she fights with that herself. Though this form grants a balanced set of moves, Water Stance deals quicker damage thanks to its heavy flurry attack.

Water Stance also has the fastest moveset in the game, and players who have the Water Master trait on their katanas deal increasing damage with every flurry attack hit. Pairing this sword with a parry build will quickly shred Iyo’s health bar.

8 Prioritize Perfect Parry

With specific regard to the duel against Iyo, players have to find ways to damage her as much as possibile, and those interested in the corruption stacks challenge should also prioritize their speed in doing so. A great way to drive home both qualities is to focus on mastering the perfect parry, better than Jin Sakai, which allows to both stagger and counter attack any enemy.

The same is true for Iyo, learning when to parry her attacks makes the duel go by as fast as possible. Though her attacks are often telegraphed, having a melee charm with an increased parry window attribute makes the entire process much easier.

7 Use Leeching Parry As Charm Trait

In addition to the added stats charms have, they also come with special traits that grant special abilities. The most useful of them is Leeching Parry, which fills the resolve and heals players by a small amount. These combined properties are worthy of a Samurai like Lord Shimura.

In the duel against Iyo, Ghost do not have access to their special ability nor their ultimate ability. All they can rely on is their skill and the quality of their gear, this means that there is no way to use an item to heal oneself. However, Leeching Parry does heal a significant amount of health, and those going with a parry build should consider implementing this useful trait as an added safety measure.

6 Take Advantage Of Staggered Damage

Another very useful perk to fight Iyo is staggered damage. Breaking her guard allows players to get hits in without being blocked, dealing significant blows. The melee charm can be equipped with increased staggered damage, which will bring Iyo’s health down more quickly once she enters the staggered state.

The charm can also work in conjunction with a sword that deals an additional staggered damage percentage. These stats stack, so it’s worth using a little bit of Honor points to modify gear and make it meet the desired parameters.

5 Increase Melee Stagger Damage

Not to be confused with staggered damage, the melee stagger is the damage enemies receive to their guard rather than their health. The faster their guard breaks, the sooner a flurry of strikes can initiate. The same applies to Iyo.

Ghosts who have a hard time parrying her attacks can shift their focus to the melee stagger damage they deal. Coupling this with the increased melee damage or the staggered damage perks results in a solid set-up to face Iyo.

4 Equip A Samurai With Rising Tempo

A great way to deal massive damage to Iyo is to have a skilled Samurai bring the fight to her. The Rising Tempo trait on the Samurai charm is exclusive only to the Samurai class, granting increased damage with every kill, but it resets when players receive damage.

This is a high-risk, high-reward strategy. Having a samurai defend an area inside the obelisk room allows them to rack up some kills. Since the enemies that spawn are few, it’s possible to avoid taking damage using plenty of mindful dodging. This should not be attempted by players who like to tank hits, however.

3 Increase Base Damage And Counter Damage

Naturally, increasing the melee damage of a Ghost will benefit any player in any situation. This type of damage affects enemy health pools directly, once they are staggered. Whatever the preferred method to stagger Iyo is, normally or with perfect parrying, there are two ways to damage her: immediately after parrying with a counter and when she is staggered.

Having a legendary katana with both of these stats increases counter damage by 20% and melee damage by 12%. Having a charm that further increases these stats is also a good way to deal even more damage.

2 Have A Spirit Bow System

Since each player has their turn fighting Iyo, the rest of the team is left to guard an obelisk much like at the end of the second chapter. Letting enemies inside the two defense areas will slowly fill up the obelisk, but the more imminent threats are the four spirit bow targets that appear around the giant boss’ monster form.

If left unattended, the targets disappear and the obelisk quickly fills up. Maintain good communication with the person fighting Iyo, because they can see which target to shoot and let the other players know which target to shoot.

1 Don’t Worry About The Enemies Too Much

The enemies that spawn slowly fill up the obelisk in the boss room, but they do not represent that big of a threat like in Nightmare Survival. Each person fighting Iyo is eventually going to exit the room, purifying the obelisk and resetting its stacks. Enemies would take longer than Iyo to fill the obelisk by themselves, so it’s more useful to worry on the spirit bow targets. The best spot to do this is where the pressure plates for the platforms are, since enemies cannot climb the rocks to reach players.

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