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10 Lingering Questions We Have After The End Of As Dusk Falls

A story of trauma, tragedy, and troubled family history, As Dusk Falls is a unique title among choice-based games. The gameplay is entirely dependent on the story, and the only movement you can make is in reaction to quick-time events.

Because the game relies so heavily on its story, you’re bound to finish it with a few unanswered questions. Some answers to these questions can be found in different choices, while some are simply left unanswered. It’s possible that Interior/Night left these loose ends untied for the sake of a potential sequel, but until then, these ten aspects of the plot still have us wondering.

There are major plot spoilers in this article

10 What Did Jim Do In Two Rock?

Perhaps the most prominent question on this list is Jim’s past. When Paul walks by him, he recognizes Jim, asking if he knows him. Jim denies it, and it isn't addressed until the hostage situation.

Later when Jim leaves the Desert Dream Motel and heads toward the police, he tells Vince that he doesn't want to be recognized. It’s not until the very end of the game, that Jim confesses to Zoe about his history with Two Rock, Arizona. So what did he do there?

9 Did Zoe Ever Go To Therapy?

It's quite evident that Zoe is struggling with trauma. Instead of traditional forms of meditation, she chooses to hold her breath underwater, somewhat mirroring how she had to act during the hostage situation.

Zoe also tells Jay that she leans on her grandfather for emotional support, making it seem as if she hasn’t confided in her parents about the aftershock of the shootout and kidnapping. So did Zoe ever receive professional help after this experience or has she been coping on her own?

8 What Is Jim’s Real Profession?

Zoe is under the impression that her grandfather was a traveling salesman. But unsurprisingly, Jim alludes to this being another fabrication of the truth. He refers to himself as a “Jack of all trades” but doesn’t divulge any information about his other professions.

Was Jim involved in crime? And if not, why is he so withholding and suspicious? Given his reaction to having his injury treated by the police, it’s possible that Jim has had run-ins with the law in the past, and is perhaps even a fugitive.

7 Who Is Jay’s Biological Father?

Later in the game, Jay is shocked to learn that his biological mother is Sharon’s sister, who died while giving birth to him. Since then, the Holt family took him in and treated him as one of their own. When Jay asks about his biological father, Tyler angrily tells him he doesn’t have one.

So, who is Jay’s biological father? Bear hardly cares for Tyler and Dale but shows some level of kinship with Jay. Is it possible that Bear is Jay’s biological father as a result of infidelity?

6 How Deep Does The Sheriff's Black Book Go?

A corrupt police officer, Sheriff Romero has committed his fair share of crimes. From driving a school bus into a building with hostages, to attacking a father in pursuit of his book, there's never a moment where Romero can be perceived as a good person. Romero makes it abundantly clear that he needs to find his black book, as its contents will end his career.

But he openly commits crimes without worrying, so why is he so concerned about his black book? What is the nature of the crimes that it contains, and how long has he been committing them?

5 Why Does Dante’s Wife Hate Him?

Why anyone would hate Dante is sort of a no-brainer. He’s a terrible person who takes advantage of his position as Sheriff in order to get what he wants.

We first see this hatred for Dante when Jay enters his wife’s room, who is non-verbal and physically impaired. Once she realizes why the Holts are there, she couldn’t care less that they want to steal Dante’s money, directing Jay to her husband's safe. What is the nature of their relationship behind closed doors?

4 How Did All Three Remaining Holts Escape?

The Holts still remain in the area after holding the Desert Dream Motel hostage and even killing people. This leads to Jay’s capture, but he manages to slip away. Both Tyler and Sharon are also able to get away without police intervention.

At the end of the game, depending on your choices, you can see Sharon enjoying life on an island with Paul, and Tyler working on an oil rig. How did they all manage to evade the police for this long? And why didn't Sharon and Tyler try to reunite?

3 Why Did Vanessa Leave After All This Time?

When you meet Vanessa, she’s ready to put her entire life on the line for a complete stranger. If you choose to jump with Vanessa when confronted by her father, you both survive, but by the time you see Jay again, Vanessa is gone.

Jay believes Vanessa missed her normal life after years of living in the remote wilderness. This can be attributed to being with Jay, but they’re both fugitives, so why couldn’t they find a way to live their lives normally together?

2 Did The Other Holts Mourn Dale’s Passing?

After Dale dies, the Holt family shows some level of grieving for their fallen family member, but not nearly enough for someone’s son and brother. You’d think the clan would be more devastated by his passing and fueled by revenge.

Though they mention him after his death, the family is ready for their next move, seemingly taking no time to mourn Dale and the tragedy of losing him to the police. The only family member who actively mourns Dale is his estranged father, Bear.

1 Who Is Jim's Stalker?

At the very end of the game, Jim confesses to Zoe that he had been to Two Rock before, believing his suggestion to take the scenic route resulted in all of their turmoil.

Though it’s confirmed that Jim has been to Two Rock, you don’t find out why he was there and what he did. Before hearing the end of the phone call, you stumble upon a heated conversation between Jim and his stalker. A gunshot goes off, and the stalker leaves. Did Jim survive the attack, and just who was this stalker?

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