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10 Games to Play if You Like Live A Live

The remake of Live A Live has finally been released, bringing this once Japan-exclusive game to the West. The game was a Super Famicom JRPG where you got to experience multiple stories taking place in numerous time periods, ranging from prehistory all the way to the distant future.

The storytelling in the title was novel and led to the creation of other famous RPGs. The remake also features visuals in the HD-2D style pioneered by Octopath Traveler. Live A Live is a treat for the eyes and the ears, but it's not the only game of its kind. It would go on to inspire other creators and other games years after its initial release.

10 Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler was the first game Square Enix created in the HD-2D style. In a way, the developers came full circle with this game and then Live A Live. Octopath Traveler puts in the shoes of eight different characters, each with their own stories. The inspiration is abundantly clear.

Unlike Live A Live, though, Octopath Traveler can be found on platforms outside the Nintendo Switch, including Xbox and PC. It features a more traditional turn-based RPG experience, so fans of classic adventures will be certain to enjoy this one.

9 Chrono Trigger

Perhaps Squaresoft's standout RPG as far as the West is concerned, Chrono Trigger is considered one of the all-time greats. Released on the same hardware as Live A Live, it is an expansion of the initial concept in several ways.

While the combat is a bit more traditional than Live A Live's grid system, Chrono Trigger also has time travel as one of its featured elements. Your adventure will see your party going through multiple periods, and the unique draw this time around is that you're with Crono and his friends all the way through, meaning that you can enjoy a consistent story from start to finish.

8 Undertale

While it's clear that Undertale was inspired by games like Earthbound, Toby Fox revealed that the original Live A Live served as a great inspiration for his indie darling. Undertale takes inspiration from numerous different games, but the echoes of Live A Live can be felt in its game design.

There are numerous quirky characters in both games, branching narratives based on your actions, and standout music that's impossible to get out of your head. If you've waited this long to play Undertale, then now is your time to give Toby Fox's hit RPG a try.

7 Kingdom Hearts

At face value, it might not seem like Kingdom Hearts and Live A Live have that much in common. However, Sora goes to different Disney worlds, each with its own contained stories. The bigger link between the two games, though, is that Yoko Shimomura composed the music for both.

You'll find that both games have excellent songs, and it's fascinating to see how Shimomura grew her career after working on Live A Live. If you're a fan of that game's soundtrack, then there's no denying that Kingdom Hearts will have plenty to enjoy.

6 Triangle Strategy

Triangle Strategy was Square Enix's second game done in the HD-2D style. Unlike Octopath Traveler, though, Triangle Strategy is a tactical RPG. Battles will take place on a grid, and you have to focus on positioning your characters and spacing your attacks to come out on top. Sound familiar?

That's because Live A Live also incorporates this gameplay style in its combat, albeit on a smaller scale. Triangle Strategy also features an in-depth story for you to get lost in. It delves into wartime politics between several different nations. Needless to say, if you are into the premise, you'll get sucked into the story.

5 Dragon Quest 4: Chapters Of The Chosen

Dragon Quest has had a surge of popularity in the West thanks to Dragon Quest 11 and the appearance of Hero in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Dragon Quest, in many ways, is the grandfather of the JRPG genre, pioneering many of the tropes and mechanics that we see everywhere.

The entry in the franchise most like Live A Live is Dragon Quest 4. In that game, you take on the role of many characters, each with their own adventures. They come together near the end of the game, but you'll fall in love with each because of how much time you spend with them on their own.

4 Secret Of Mana

What makes the HD-2D style of Live A Live so engaging is because it keeps the charm of the 16-bit visuals while adding plenty of modern enhancements to bring it to a new generation. When it comes to gorgeous 16-bit RPGs, though, you won't find one better than Secret of Mana.

This classic SNES RPG is more action-focused than its contemporaries, but it's still an extremely good time. That being said, if you want to dive into this game, do yourself a favor and play the original and not the PS4 remake.

3 Mega Man Battle Network

Mega Man became popular for its tough-as-nails sidescrolling games where you go through levels, take on bosses, and acquire their powers for yourself. However, Mega Man Battle Network is a spin-off that takes a different approach to its combat.

It is a strategy game where you fight enemies on a grid system. It's more horizontal, so you have to make use of each movement to defeat enemies before they overwhelm your screen. There are a lot of similarities between Battle Network's and Live A Live's combat, so if you enjoy one, you'll likely enjoy the other.

2 Legend of Mana

Live A Live's visuals include modern enhancements like improved lightning, blurred backgrounds, and more. It's a unique yet effective take on a 16-bit RPG. Legend of Mana, however, takes a more restrained approach. Instead of overhauling the visuals, it commits to the classic style and polishes it to perfection.

Legend of Mana doesn't have the most engaging story, but you'll be entranced by its world, combat, and monster design that you'll find it difficult to put down. This modern release is also available on most platforms, including mobile platforms.

1 Golden Sun

If you talk to older Nintendo fans about what franchise they would like to see return, one of the most common answers you'll get it is Golden Sun. This GBA-exclusive RPG was innovative in many different ways. As is the case with most GBA games, it had very strong visuals for such a small device.

Golden Sun also features one of the best twists in an RPG story around, and it represents a mechanical and narrative step forward from the 16-bit RPGs present on the SNES and Super Famicom. If you have a way of playing this one, then give it a try after you finish Live A Live.

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