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10 Fun Winter Activities To Do In The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Winter has returned, and once again, we have become reacquainted with low temperatures, icy environments, and snow. Lots of snow. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves. And what better way is there to celebrate our chilliest season than with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a game where exploration and picture-taking are encouraged?

Hyrule is filled with wintery delights and activities that you can enjoy. All you have to do is teleport to the nearest frozen mountain range, drink a Spicy Elixir, and let the adventures begin. Here are our favorite fun winter activities to do in Breath of the Wild.

10/10 Enjoy Winter Cooking

Despite being an open-world action game, we can all appreciate the wonders of a home-cooked meal in Breath of the Wild. These wonders become even more prominent when you’re freezing your toes off in the middle of nowhere.

Picture this: you’re surrounded by snow, and your fingertips feel like icicles. But resting in the palm of your hands is a hot dish that will restore your hearts and stamina. Additionally, the food you cooked up perfectly matches the aesthetic of the season. Cozy Fish Pies, warming Milk, and rich Creamy Heart Soup will surely bring a smile to your face and help you defrost.

9/10 Find Frozen Koroks

By now, you are probably aware of the many Koroks spread out across Hyrule. These little leafy guys will gift you with a Korok Seed once found. You would think that the Koroks would ignore the colder landscapes, as the mountains are so drastically different from the warm climate of the forest. But surprise, surprise, there they are.

At the top of a tall frozen peak, running in sparkling circles on the ground, hiding in rock circles, the Koroks are ready to play hide and seek in the snow, and you just so happen to be the seeker.

8/10 Climb Every Mountain, Enjoy Every View

Since you’ve already climbed that mountain and found that Korok, why not stop for a break? Contemplating your journey and taking in the sights of a winter wonderland is a fun and relaxing activity to do. There’s nothing better than standing at the top of the world after depleting your stamina and silently observing everything.

Not only is it calming, but it can also help clear your mind as you gear up for your next activity. Speaking of gearing up….

7/10 Pick An Outfit For The Season

Another great part of winter is the fashion. Sure, summer t-shirts are nice, but winter accessories hold a fuzzy charm that the hotter seasons’ clothes can’t replicate. So, get ready to walk down the icy runway in your winter best which, in Link’s case, are the Snowquill Set that can be purchased from the Brazen Beak and the Warm Doublet, a top with the sentimental value given to you by the Old Man at the start of the game. Or at the Ventest Clothing Boutique if you missed that quest and have Rupees to spare.

You can also wear a pair of Snow Boots that you ‘borrowed’ from a guy near Gerudo Town. Did we mention that you can color-dye all these outfits too?

6/10 Become The Snowboard Champion

Now that you’re on the mountain and in your warm clothes, you need to get off the mountain and continue on with your adventure. The most stylish way of doing this? Snowboarding, also known as shield surfing. You don’t need to be an Olympic snowboarder to enjoy sliding down Hyrule’s snowier slopes. Just grab your shield, do a fancy jump flip, and you’re good to go.

The feeling you get when you’re sliding back and forth, racing the wildlife, and saying “See ya!” to all the Ice Chuchus is absolutely thrilling. You can even partake in a shield-surfing, snowboarding minigame if you talk to Selmie at her Spot.

5/10 Take A Dip In The Hot Springs

Though the climate might be frigid and frightful, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a place to warm up. And the Hebra Mountains happen to contain not one, not two, but three secret hot spring locations. If you’re ever low on health and need a quick recovery, rest assured, these hot springs got your back.

All you have to do is step into these bubbling waters and watch as your hearts become replenished. You can even prepare a Hard-Boiled Egg by placing an egg into the waters if you get hungry. How delightful!

4/10 Or Take A Polar Bear Plunge

What’s the opposite of a hot spring? How about a polar bear plunge? If you aren’t familiar with the term, it’s an event where people run into the freezing waters while only wearing their swimsuits. Polar bear plunges are done both for charity and as a local tradition, with all participants agreeing that the event is both fun and chilling. So, strip off your winter gear, find a large body of non-hot spring, frozen water, and cannonball right in.

Before you ask, yes, you will definitely lose some hearts. But when else will you get the chance to do something like this?

3/10 Roll Some Snowballs

Throughout the snowy mountains of Hyrule, you’ll stumble upon large snowballs that are just waiting to be pushed. Or in Link’s case, lifted and thrown.

Though you don’t have an opponent to engage in snowball fights with, you can make these scattered snowballs grow in size and take out enemies if you roll them downhill. Feel free to cheer when, from twenty feet away, you successfully knocked out a Moblin. Additionally, you can also play a Snowling minigame with Pondo at his Lodge and win Rupees.

2/10 Find Winter Gifts

You wouldn’t expect to find anything in nature that is gift-worthy during winter, but in Hyrule, you can find many items that people will love to see wrapped up in a pretty bow. Region-exclusive herbs that can prevent freezing, wild cuts of gourmet meat, and gemstones make for perfect gifts. And the colder mountains happen to contain a lot of these items if you know where to look. And who to fight.

Sure, buying a gift is cool, but defeating a Frost Talus and receiving Rubies, Topazes, Sapphires, and Diamonds for a loved one? Priceless.

1/10 Go Vacation Somewhere Warmer

By now, you’re probably frozen with happiness after completing so many activities and taking in so many beautiful sights. That means that it’s time to head somewhere warmer. Yup, as fun as it is to lose hearts for not putting on enough layers, every winter lover knows that the best part about the season is escaping to a warmer environment.

So say goodbye to the snow, make sure you pack up all your gifts and take that final sip of soup because it’s off to Gerudo Town. Time to soak up the sun!

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