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10 Best Games With Pixel Art On Xbox One/Series X|S

The Xbox family of consoles, specifically the Xbox One and the Series X/S have become a bastion for top-notch indie games that feature pixel art graphics. Pixel art seems to be all the rage in the indie scene with there often being a deluge of these titles. While not all are winners, there are some that truly stand tall about their counterparts and are worth mentioning.

If you consider yourself a pixel art fan and want to add some new games to your wishlist or digital library then the following games should potentially strike your fancy. Xbox One and Series X/S continue to deliver on great pixel art games from the indie scene, mostly down to many of them releasing day and date on Xbox Game Pass. The following pixel art games are all deserving of your time and attention.

10 Unpacking

Unpacking is a super cozy and relaxing puzzle-based organization game where your only real objective is to unpack boxes. While that setup may sound a bit drab, it's actually quite compelling, therapeutic, and entertaining. You essentially help one character move through stages of her life by unpacking her belongings into the correct rooms.

Unpacking is a thoughtful and enjoyable game, especially if you just have a few minutes to sit down and play. There really isn't a wrong way to play this game, with the game even letting you turn off the option that requires items to be set in certain areas.

9 Archvale

If you haven't yet heard of Archvale then you need to remedy that right away. This bullet-hell RPG is equal parts frantic and fun. You play as a hero who must traverse fantasy landscapes in search of archstones that are needed for a magical doorway.

Archvale is one of those fast-paced games that you could easily sink hour after hour into. The name of the game here is fluid bullet-hell combat with your character being able to equip and upgrade new magical abilities throughout the journey. Oh, and you can even play this one in co-op if that happens to strike your fancy.

8 Children Of Morta

Children of Morta tells the highly emotional tale of a close-knit family, namely, the Bergsons, who are tasked with destroying a dark force known as the Corruption. This game plays out as an isometric adventure RPG with some roguelike elements that see you playing as different members of the aforementioned family.

The unique approach to playing as an entire family helps to set Children of Morta apart from the countless other indie roguelike games. While not as punishing as its counterparts, Children of Morta manages to tow the line between kinetic action and emotionally charged narrative beats.

7 Monster Sanctuary

Do you fancy your Metroidvanias with a side of monster taming? If so, then Monster Sanctuary needs to be on your radar. This Metroidvania perfectly blends exploration with monster capturing. The monsters you obtain will then be usable in future battles, Pokemon-style.

There is something undeniably wonderful about Monster Sanctuary, mostly coming down to its highly vibrant pixel art style paired with a large outdoors map to explore. Getting to tame new monsters, battle with them, and care for them makes for an utterly thrilling adventure that you shouldn't miss out on.

6 Rising Hell

If blood-pumping metal music mixed with a vertically scrolling roguelike game gets you excited then Rising Hell deserves your time and attention. This over-the-top action game eschews traditional "left to right" exploration elements in favor of a game that literally sees your character ascending out of the depths of hell.

Rising Hell hooks your right from the first guitar riff. The action here is in-your-face and punchy, with your character being able to perform intense combat moves, magical attacks, and platforming jumps. Easily the best part of this game, apart from the incredible metal soundtrack, are the memorable boss battles against some hellish demons.

5 Celeste

The indie platforming darling Celeste likely needs no introduction given its near-universal acclaim. This gorgeous pixel art platformer might look charming and wholesome on the surface but it offers a downright punishing platforming experience. Don't worry, the story here, although filled with somber moments, will surely spark your imagination and sense of wonder.

Celeste tasks you (as the character Madeline) with climbing a harrowing mountain, both literally and figuratively within the framework of the game. Instead of having a wide-open map to explore, you are thrown into small, challenging rooms that will test your platforming mettle.

4 Blasphemous

Are you in the mood for a dark, horrific, and moody Souls-like game that just so happens to play out in 2D? If you answered yes, then you owe it to yourself to check out Blasphemous. This game is one of those uber-challenging Metroidvanias that will appeal to fans of Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and even Elden Ring to some extent.

The utterly ambiguous and cryptic game has you take on the role of The Penitent One, a character who is masked in darkness and despair. You will guide The Penitent One across some disturbing landscapes while defeating baddies, upgrading weapons, and finding new methods of combat and traversal.

3 Sir Lovelot

Sir Lovelot stars the titular "hero" who is ultimately searching for love across a diverse and colorful fantasy world. Sir Lovelot is one of those top-tier platformers that has unfortunately flown way under the radar for most players. This is a shame because the gameplay here is incredibly smooth and polished, always keeping you in the thick of the action.

What makes Sir Lovelot so special is that it's a game that's not meant to be taken seriously in terms of the story. It's a lighthearted and quirky love story that hits on some goofy and sometimes inappropriate themes but is meant to just be fun and charming.

2 Adventures Of Pip

One of the oldest games on this list, Adventures of Pip is underrated and overlooked adventure platformer taking place in a pixel-perfect 32-bit world. Adventures of Pip is truly unique because Pip is a character who happens to only be made of one pixel. Along his journey, he is able to grow in size and scale as he absorbs more and more pixels.

The platforming gameplay and puzzles all revolve around swapping between Pip's pixel size. It's not a long game and it certainly won't be all that challenging, however, its unique take on the genre makes for a sublime experience.

1 Neon Abyss

Neon Abyss, as you might guess from the game's title, is a neon-drenched game that plays out as a fairly traditional 2D roguelike platformer. Neon Abyss is a phenomenally vibrant game both in terms of its cyberpunk visuals and bullet-hell gameplay.

Like most other roguelikes, Neon Abyss sees you playing in various randomly generated locations brimming with enemies. You will utilize a host of sci-fi and magical weaponry to progress just a bit further each time.

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