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10 Best Characters Revealed In MultiVersus

Has the age of the platform fighter dawned again? As the entertainment industry sees a wave of consolidation and restructures, more IP is in the hands of fewer publishers than ever before. The impact is obvious and far-reaching, but utilizing those IPs now becomes a necessity.

This is where the platform fighter comes in. More characters in Super Smash Bros. than ever before, our favorite childhood staples in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, and now, MultiVersus: a world where Shaggy from Scooby-Doo can take on Arya from Game of Thrones. After a successful closed alpha in late May 2022, MultiVersus is barreling towards an open beta in July 2022 that will be the final proving ground. Whether the game can carve out a niche in the genre is yet to be seen, but the roster and accompanying voice actors are already impressive. It’s time to take a look at the multiple iconic characters that have been revealed so far and see how they stack up against each other.

10 Batman (DC)

You’ve heard the story a million times. Parents are killed after seeing a show, boy pledges to fight crime, boy cosplays as a bat and strikes fear into criminals. Despite his lack of powers, you’d be wise not to take the caped crusader for granted in MultiVersus. Sometimes intelligence and a small fortune of millions of dollars are all someone needs to be one of Earth’s greatest heroes.

Batman’s cavalry of gadgets and gizmos is iconic, and MultiVersus aims to do it justice. With his “Bat-Bomb” special, Batman can attach a bomb to enemies that will launch them upward. Try throwing a Batarang with the bomb equipped to make it travel further. You can also use the “Bat-Grapple” special to attach yourself to opponents or the environment and do damage along the way. While he may seem outmatched with no powers, these tools are sure to even the playing field.

9 Superman (DC)

Earth’s mightiest hero needs no introduction. Kal-El, or Superman, hails from the alien planet of Krypton. Because of his small-town upbringing after Krypton’s destruction, Superman is committed to truth and justice. Will he have what it takes to fight his fellow Justice League members in MultiVersus?

Superman is a Tank in MultiVersus and puts it to good use. After unlocking him with 2,000 gold, he has a few iconic special attacks. For starters, his “Ice Breath” special will apply an ice debuff to enemies that slows and eventually freezes them. Allies can take advantage by getting hit by the breath and dealing an ice debuff on their next hit. Superman’s “Heat Vision” special uses the hero’s iconic power to fling enemies into the air upon impact with the laser and deals a fire debuff. Safe to say, the founder of the Justice League has quite a few tricks up his sleeve to win battles.

8 Wonder Woman (DC)

Princess Diana of Themyscira is one of the most powerful beings in the DC universe and that certainly hasn’t changed in MultiVersus. As a member of the Justice League, she has seen all the evil the universe has to offer, so the Multiverse should be a piece of cake to handle.

Wonder Woman’s tank archetype is fitting, as her DC counterpart can’t be harmed by much. Her Lasso of Truth is displayed prominently as a special attack that allows her to reel in enemies and attack for massive damage. In addition, her “Defense of the Gods” special will cleanse allies of debuffs and shield them to avoid damage on their next hit. Because what’s a hero if not a defender of the less powerful?

7 Arya Stark (Game of Thrones)

Who better to join the MultiVersus roster than the precocious young child of the North turned deadly assassin? Throughout her grueling journey through Westeros, Arya stood toe to toe with some of the most gruesome players in the Game of Thrones, so she won’t be overwhelmed here.

Arya is, of course, an Assassin class. She is nimble and athletic in battle and has a move set to prove it. Her face-stealing power from Game of Thrones shows up here as she can disguise herself as other fighters, not unlike Kirby in Super Smash Bros. In addition, Arya can throw knives as projectiles, dashing to the knives as they attach to enemies and cause damage.

6 Finn The Human (Adventure Time)

With a mysterious origin story and a best friend named Jake The Dog, it’s safe to say Finn’s life has set him up for adventure. Jake’s thirst for adventure and desire to save anyone he can has led him on countless dangerous journeys throughout his home world of The Land Of Ooo and made him a formidable foe.

An Assassin archetype who is unlockable from the start, Finn’s neutral special attack “High Five, Dude!” is a deadly high five that can reflect projectiles and create a large blast to attack enemies. In addition, try out “Backpack’Em Up!” to use Finn’s backpack as a weapon, with the strength based on the amount of gold Finn is carrying. The Adventure Time hero has certainly seen much weirder creatures than he'll encounter in MultiVersus.

5 Tom And Jerry

Our first duo fighter in MultiVersus, Tom and Jerry have been around the block quite a few times. The foes share an 80-year history of battling with mallets, dynamite, and more. Now that they’ve teamed up, they may be an unstoppable duo.

“The Slingshot Sharpshooter” ability allows the pair to release some of their aggression towards each other. Tom can fire Jerry as a projectile using this special, as well as fire a tennis ball at Jerry that he deflects with his racket towards enemies. Another special ability, “Goin Fishin” sees Tom cast a fishing pole that reels in enemies for damage. If you’re looking for creativity in your fights, this cat and mouse duo is the way to go.

4 The Iron Giant

If you have never seen The Iron Giant, consider this a sign to immediately do so. This 50-foot peaceful robot is a beacon of hope. A superhero from an alien planet who just so happens to act like a newborn puppy, The Iron Giant always tries to emulate his hero, Superman. It’s only fitting the two would be pitted against each other in MultiVersus.

The Iron Giant is a Tank in the game, meaning he can take plenty of damage. While we haven’t seen him in action yet, it can be assumed he won’t be as much of a pacifist as the original character in the 1998 film.

3 Shaggy (Scooby-Doo)

Fighting game fans, rejoice. It finally happened. After years of memes detailing his immense power, we finally get Shaggy in a fighting game. Matthew Lillard gives one of the game’s many iconic voice performances as our favorite mystery van-driving goofball takes on his foes.

Shaggy has been granted fantastical powers in the world of MultiVersus, so rest assured you won’t just be throwing boring punches despite his Bruiser role. One of his specials, “Zoinks!,” allows Shaggy to charge his anger and use it to release a projectile blast at enemies. If you prefer something more unique to the character, try out “Like, Feed The Hunger.” This special equips a sandwich that Shaggy can toss to heal allies and damage enemies. If that doesn’t satiate your appetite, who knows what will?

2 Taz (Looney Tunes)

Just like every friend group needs a bit of the wild sprinkled in, so too does a platform fighter. No one is as unpredictable as the Tasmanian Devil, or Taz for short. This nearly 70-year-old ball of mania from the Looney Tunes is a Bruiser with an insatiable appetite for chaos.

His wildness is showcased in his special abilities, one of which, “Chew It Yourself,” allows him to chew enemies up in his dangerous jaws and spit them back out as they struggle. It's not exactly a peaceful way to die. It actually sounds like a horror movie! No iteration of Taz would be complete, however, without the special ability “Taznado,” which allows him to hit an enemy multiple times with a big, spinning tornado.

1 Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes)

Eh… what’s up gamers? The most famous Looney Tune makes his fighting game debut in MultiVersus. Bugs Bunny has seen it all in his 80 years of life and looks surprisingly spry for his age. As a mage, he’s a perfect choice if you prefer to stand back and pepper your opponents with attacks.

Bugs has special abilities such as burrowing into the ground before unleashing an attack from below, launching a safe as a projectile at enemies, and blowing a devastating kiss that renders his opponents incapable of attacking. As one of the starting characters in the game, he’s a perfect option to learn the ropes.

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