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Star Wars: The Old Republic Now Available On Steam

Star Wars: The Old Republic is now available on Steam. You can start up the Star Wars MMO through Valve’s launcher, and if you do all your progress from the SWTOR launcher will carry over.

The game is free-to-play with optional microtransactions like Cartel Coins and cosmetic bundles. The Steam launch includes new trading cards, profile backgrounds, and emotes. EA also promises more than 100 Steam Achievements to come in a future update, and you’ll be retroactively awarded any previously unlocked Achievements.

Star Wars: The Old Republic takes place in the same era as BioWare’s much-lauded Knights of the Old Republic games. As an MMO, though, you had a much broader range of skills and vocations, letting you play as classes like a Smuggler or Bounty Hunter in addition to Jedi and Sith. The game is still going strong, having recently reached almost $1 billion in revenue. With a B, like Boba Fett.

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