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Pokémon Go guide: How to use a Remote Raid Pass

With a Pokémon Go Remote Raid Pass, you can do raids remotely.

To participate in a remote raid, you must be able to see the gym on your map. You can find raids happening close to your location using the Nearby button. Players can also raid at gyms if they have Pokémon defending that gym, no matter how far away it is.

You also need a Pokémon Go Remote Raid Pass, which is a completely separate item from normal Premium Raid Passes.

To participate in the raid, simply tap the gym that has an active raid, and use your Remote Raid Pass. You can see how many participants there are in the lobby before you join. Just like normal raids, up to 20 players can join a remote raid.

You can also invite friends to a remote raid, so even if you’re far away from each other, you’ll still be able to raid together. You can invite up to five friends per raid battle.

In the future, players who raid remotely will deal reduced damage. For now, players deal full damage.

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