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Fortnite Update 13.30 Patch Now Available

Fortnite’s 13.30 patch is now available, introducing a number of changes to the battle royale. Players have already started sharing patch notes and creating their own documentation of the various mid-season map changes.

A fan-made infographic from Reddit user Chazyourboiii goes over the map changes, including an update to the gas stations in Salty Springs and Pleasant Park. There are also Coral buddies who will build you a pyramid in exchange for 300 stone.

The fan-compiled patch notes detail a number of changes, mostly in the form of bug fixes. It does show a handful of changes to the battle royale mode, though, like new group challenges and reenabling Whirlpools. The Whirlpools point is also supported by Epic’s known issues Trello board. It also suggests that some limited-time modes like Payback, Catch, and One Shot are on the way.

Meanwhile, Epic has sent a notice via its Fortnite Status page that it’s investigating a crashing bug related to the Build-a-Brella.

As long as you’re diving in to check out the latest patch, you can complete challenges for some special rewards. Check out our Firefly Jar and Flare Gun guide, and how to dress up like Aquaman and get his famous Trident.

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