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Fortnite Teases Marvel Announcement, Could Bring Thor To Game

Fortnite has no shortage of content these days, with weekly challenges to complete during the current season as well as the new Free Fortnite Cup. However, it looks like things are going to get a little more super-powered as new Marvel content makes its way to the game. If the official Twitter account is teasing what we think it is teasing, that could mean the god of thunder, Thor, is on the way.

A short video clip posted on August 21 includes the Fortnite and Marvel logos along with what appears to be Thor within the lettering. The emoji above the video are for a hammer, lightning bolt, and rainbow, representing Mjolnir, his ability to summon lightning, and the Bifrost. Previously, other Marvel characters such as Thanos and Deadpool have been featured in the past.

We’ll know more on August 27, which lines up with the beginning of Gamescom 2020. Few stages are bigger for a game announcement, but Epic Games is not on the official list of Gamescom partners right now. If any game could make an independent announcement and still receive the same amount of buzz, it’s Fortnite.

Epic Games is currently engaged in a legal battle with both Apple and Google, which prompted the Free Fortnite Cup in the first place. This event, and the lawsuit text itself, were prepared in advance by Epic Games knowing its game would be removed from the App Store and Google Play store after the company implemented a direct payment system. Now, it appears to be a game of chicken to see if Apple, Google, or Epic Games will back down first–or if this actually goes to court.

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