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Fortnite Is Getting A New Spaceship-Themed Location And Challenges

A fresh update hit Fortnite on July 21 and dataminers have found a bunch of new content that should be coming to the battle royale soon. The biggest discovery includes a new spaceship crash site location that comes with a unique set of challenges.

The Ancient Astronaut, a character in the Fortnite universe, is going to crash land his ship on the outskirts of the map. The water level, which has already been decreasing throughout the season, will recede further to reveal the crash site. You can see an image of the ship below:

New challenges that involve the crash site and the Ancient Astronaut were also uncovered, although it’s unclear what they all mean. All the challenges point to launching the ship, except for the last one which tasks players with stopping a launch. Here are all the challenges:

  • Found Ancient Ship
  • Collect Missing Part
  • Install Missing Part
  • Begin Launch Sequence
  • Stop Ship Launch

Data miners found a number of other tidbits including new skins, new secret Coral Buddies challenges, new limited-time modes like tank battles, and some information about the cars that are coming to Fortnite. The information about vehicles includes how much damage they do when they explode and other similar details.

A lot has been happening in Fortnite this season, including a new map change that dropped with this most recent update. Check out our breakdown of the changes, our Firefly Jar and Flare Gun guide, and how to dress up like Aquaman and get his famous Trident.

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