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Fortnite Dr. Doom Location Guide: Where To Enter Dr. Doom's Vault (Week 7)

Fortnite’s Week 7 challenges are coming later this week. One challenge will put you in the middle of a huge fight at Doom’s Domain. The challenge requires you to enter the Vault in Doom’s Domain. This guide will show you how to find Dr. Doom, fight him, and get into his vault.

This challenge leaked early; check back on Thursday to see it live in Fortnite.

How Do I Open The Vault In Doom’s Domain?

The vault in Doom’s Domain is located underneath the soccer field, just south of the giant Dr. Doom statue in the D3 tile on the map. There is a helicopter parked within a big opening in the ground; the vault is just past that. You can see the vault in the top of the picture here:

You’ll need to eliminate Dr. Doom and take his key card in order to open the vault. Dr. Doom spawns in different parts of Doom’s Domain, so you won’t know where he is until you land there and start to hunt him down. He usually spawns near the vault or at his mansion at the very top of the named location. Kill him and he’ll drop his special gauntlets and the key card. Walk up to the vault with the key card and follow the button prompts to open it.

Dr. Doom is a tough enemy and it’ll be even harder to fight him during Week 7 as everyone will be headed to the vault. Try and squad up, land at one of the houses on the outskirts of the location, and loot up before seeking the supervillain out. It might be possible to complete this challenge by entering the vault after all the fighting has passed, although Doom’s Domain is never peaceful. Prepare for a fight.

What Will I Get For Entering The Vault At Doom’s Domain?

You’ll get 25,000 experience points for entering the vault. That experience will help you unlock battle pass costumes like Dr. Doom, Mystique, and Iron Man. Be sure to check out our guide on how to find Tony Stark’s hidden lake house lab.

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