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Among Us Beta Update Introduces Major Changes

Among Us has come out of seemingly nowhere in the last few months to attract a massive amount of interest and impressive player counts, sparking the cancelation of its sequel in order to allow developer InnerSloth to focus on this game. A new Among Us update is now available as part of the game’s beta branch, revealing what’s next for the game–and that includes some significant changes to how imposters and voting work, among other things.

Though there aren’t official patch notes as of yet, Among Us players have put together a decidedly unofficial list of new features on the game’s subreddit. These include shifting the wires task to make it more accessible for colorblind players (by making each wire have its own shape rather than just a color to differentiate them). However, it also gives game hosts more options to transform the game experience, including the ability to make voting anonymous, as well as making the task bar appear only at certain times. Both of these changes theoretically make it easier for imposters to skate by without being detected, but it’s up to the server creator to determine whether to use them or not.

Several colorblind players have already expressed confusion as to the wires change, with the top comment of one post reading: “The colorblind support for wires is great but…I need help with the crew colors.” This beta update is only available on PC, and you have to subscribe to the game’s beta branch in order to access it.

InnerSloth has indicated that it’s considering other major changes to the game, including potentially making dead players into “guardian angels” to give them something to do. InnerSloth was planning to release a sequel to Among Us when the game blew up on streaming platforms, which led the studio to cancel Among Us 2 in order to focus on making the core game better. If you’re looking for other social deduction games to play with your friends besides Among Us, check out our list.

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