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XSET Warzone Pro Fro Partners With Buffd for NFT – The Esports Observer

Drew Bienusa, the XSET team member known as “XSET Fro ” or “Fro,” has partnered with the digital collection platform Buffd to release a limited edition NFT and t-shirt run. The first run of collectibles features 25 limited-edition digital collectible cards that will be individually numbered and signed by Fro with each buyer receiving a limited-edition t-shirt featuring the unique collectible design. As of this writing 16 of the 25 item run have been sold at $50 USD each. 

“It is great to provide my fans with a unique opportunity to obtain something rare while also being involved in something novel and cutting edge like a digital collectible,” Fro said.

Justin M. Jacobson, Esq., manager of Ford Models’ esports and gaming talent division told us, “it was great to assist in facilitating this as digital collectibles and NFTs provide gaming talent, such as Fro, with a new way to engage with their fans and to reward their most loyal community members with one-of-a-kind digital collectibles that may even increase in value in the future as Fro grows.”

Buffd has worked with other top streamers and content creators in the space, including Madden Bowl champion Eric “Problem” Wright and popular streamer, LosPollosTV, as it provides a platform for fans to buy, sell, and collect digital collectibles from streamers. 

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