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While the community is unhappy with the Anti-Mage Persona, BurNIng delivers the first Wei cosplay

The community has expressed a lot of criticism on the newly released Anti-Mage persona, but Xu “BurNIng” Zhilei celebrated the arrival of the in-game cosmetic with a top notch cosplay appearance.

The Anti-Mage Persona changes the hero with his disciple Wei, a young female warrior, who, just like her master, hates the art of magic. The cosmetic is available exclusively for those who purchase The International 10 Battle Pass and raise it to level 305. The item has been teased by Valve since the Battle Pass release, on May 25, and it was one of the most anticipated items. However, after its release, from yesterday, July 11, the community doesn’t look very pleased with the final product. Most of the Dota 2 players expressed their disappointment with the facial and body design of the character, as they find it too bulky, too muscular and not matching the artwork used to tease the item by the Dota 2 developer.

Given the fact that the item unlocks at level 305, which means that Battle Pass owners have to either spend a lot of time to grind their levels by completing Compendium challenges or by spending money on Battle Pass levels, the fact that the item comes with no ambient effects has been addressed by the community as another issue.

While some might actually prefer a clean item, with no sparkling effects and plenty of colors pouring out of the hero on each attack animation, the vast majority of the community took the time to find all sorts of problems with the new cosmetic. For instance, Reddit user JigJiga pointed out that Wei’s stance is looking “ridiculous” compared to any other melee heroes in the game.

But while the community is asking Valve for a rework of Wei’s model, one of the best carry players of all times, and one of the most feared Anti-Mage player in his prime, Xu “BurNIng” Zhilei was quick to showcase a Wei cosplay yesterday.

BurNIng was helped by the Dota 2 publisher Perfect World to make the Wei cosplay a reality so fast and if we take into consideration that Valve has been extremely responsive to the community complaints as of lately, he might be the first and the only person able to wear a cosplay of the “original’ Wei model.


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