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Webedia and Dell Launch Call of Duty Tournament in Brazil – The Esports Observer

Entertainment holding Webedia in Brazil, responsible for the country’s branch of the gaming news website IGN, announced on Wednesday that it would partner with hardware manufacturer Dell, to support a Call of Duty Warzone tournament named Dell Gaming Call of Duty Pro League 2021. The event will be held on four Saturdays starting June 5 and feature a $36K BRL (roughly $7.08K USD) prize pool.

Webedia Business Developer of Esports Lucas “Marduk” Rampinelli spoke to The Esports Observer regarding the choice of Call of Duty Warzone as the featured game: “A year after its launch, the scene still did not have a tournament with a big prize pool and attractive to teams and players. We saw the opportunity to do something that really fostered this ecosystem.”

Despite the pointed lack of investment in its local competitive scene, Call of Duty Warzone consistently draws top audiences on Twitch in Brazil since its release. The game is part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which holds a consistent presence on TEO’s Weekly Twitch Top 10s.

Regarding Dell’s investment in the tournament, which includes naming rights, Rampinelli mentions that “it is a game that needs good hardware to ensure high performance, which matches perfectly with the product and even the mission of Dell’s gamer line.” Nvidia is also a supporter of the event in partnership with Dell.

Webedia will be responsible for the production, operation, and broadcast of the event, which will be held 100% remotely. Live streams will be available on Webedia’s esports-focused website MGG channels at YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook.

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