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W33 talks about KuroKy’s return and the importance of bootcamps and LANs

EPIC League official interviews have started to pour in, and among those conducted in English by the Position 6 podcast host, Dan Offen, there is one with Team Nigma’s mid lane player, Aliwi “w33” Omar.

EPIC League marks the return of Nigma’s captain, Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi after about four months in which he took care of a hand injury he neglected over the years, thus the conversation with w33 touched on the importance of having Kuro playing with the team.

With KuroKy back, W33 says that they are “better as a team.” “KuroKy is a strong voice in the game, he guides us a lot of the time,” he explained adding that he feels like Nigma is back on track and that they feel like they are improving as a team, which is their goal.

When talking about the long period in which the competitive scene had to adapt to an online schedule, W33 emphasized on the importance of bootcamps, of LANs and face to face interaction, not only with the team members but also with the fans. 

“I miss playing together. It’s always nice to be able to talk to each other. Being face to face helps a lot with a lot of things as well,” he said.

He also explained the difference in performance online versus LANs: “I think I’m more motivated when it comes to LANs. When you are at a LAN it’s different, it feels different, so I’m going to play differently, of course. I think I do much better on LANs than online, for sure. As a player, I know that about myself and that comes mostly due to motivation. I see the team around me, we chill, we hang out all the time, we talk a lot about Dota, which can’t happen as much when you are playing from home “

Team Nigma had recently celebrated one year of existence, however apart from the WePlay! Bukovel Minor title, WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War: Mad Moon championship title and tournament victory in the online season that followed after that, they are still to reach the form that brought them the TI7 Aegis of Champions. W33 has joined the team right after the The International 2017 and perhaps coming to an organization with such a large fan base, it might have had an impact on his mentality and performance.  So, Dan Offen talked to him about what kind of impact the negative comments can have coming from fans over social media channels and he found out that w33 is not actually checking the comments over the internet too much, instead he is appreciating more the fans interactions from LANs.

“I don’t check social media too much so it doesn’t really affect me, at all I would say,” w33 mentioned. “Actually, LANs would help me a lot because since I don’t read social media a lot, I don’t see the negative things, but I also don’t see the positive things either. On LANs it’s hard for people to be toxic, hateful or whatnot, say negative things when you are face to face with them because they realize you are a human being. So, on LANs people tend to be very positive and it does help a lot hearing positive comments.

While everyone, from casual to pro players is impatiently waiting for a new patch to be released, w33 talked about how the pace of the training changes once the meta changes and what he does to stay ahead of the curve.  

“When a new patch comes out, it is a lot of work because I try a lot of heroes. I try everything, I just want to be ahead all the time. At least this is what I’m trying to do for a long time now. I’m looking at what heroes people play, the meta heroes and instead of playing those heroes, I try to play their counters. I’m going to lose a lot of games, of course, because that’s how it goes, you try a new hero, you test a new meta, you are going to lose a lot until you figure out how to make it better. But, in the end, it pays off, it always does.”

A new patch is expected to come sooner rather than later, but until it does, Nigma is preparing to return to the EPIC League Division1 group stage action. They are currently sitting in the middle of the pack, with 3 victories and 2 losses, and their next adversaries are Natus Vincere, who sit just above them in the group with 3 wins and 1 loss. Their series is scheduled for Friday, November 27 at 20:00 CET.

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