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Vivo Keyd Studio Releases New Mobile Game in Brazil

Brazilian esports organization Vivo Keyd is launching its second game on the mobile market (App Store and Google Play), the Cyber ​​Hero. Although the game is not still available at the time of writing, the initial prediction is for a release sometime this week. It is the second creation of Keyd Studio, game production branch of the esports team; in 2019 it launched Avalon, which became a top-10 adventure game in Brazil.

Cyber ​​Hero features the voices of Vivo Keyd pro-players for in-game characters inspired by their real-life counterparts and, like Avalon, is free-to-play. The organization’s CEO, Tiago Xisto, spoke to The Esports Observer about the thinking behind the production: “In strategic terms, the idea of ​​the games is really to engage and get closer to our fans. Each game is made so that each one can feel like a true Keyd warrior in the missions.”

Keyd Studio is an initiative created in 2018 with the intention of supporting new developers: “In addition to encouraging national game development, we understand that the experience of casual games brings our audience closer to the organization and the brand,“ said Xisto.

Avalon generates revenue through advertisements displayed in-game, but Cyber ​​Hero is produced in partnership with social impact technology startup Ribon, and all revenue generated will be donated to social causes supported by the startup.

When asked if Keyd Studio is open for productions in partnership with other brands and sponsors, Xisto replied that “it is a recent initiative, the possibilities are many. We do not yet have a game developed in partnership with other brands and sponsors, but it is certainly a possibility. Cyber ​​Hero is the first game that will be launched with this partnership proposal and is still focused on humanitarian causes, so we expect a good engagement from the community.”

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