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Virtus.pro's double Dota 2 destruction squads

With Virtus.pro having three players in the top five Dota 2
MMR leaderboards we look deeper into their domination of the CIS and European
region in the past few months.

Since the beginning of the currently global pandemic, with participation in events being limited to teams all playing from home, we have seen the CIS and EU regions joined for tournaments. What this has resulted in is an onslaught between two powerhouses of the Dota 2 scene being seen once again as Virtus.pro’s domination has only been topped by Team Secret. With two squads in the top three rankings for prize money earned, winrate and placements, VP seem to be a massive surge back to the top.


Virtus.pro have played in a total of nine different events, some of these featuring only CIS teams such as the Parimatch League and Epic Prime, while others have featured teams from across the EU region too such as Beyond EPIC and ESL One Los Angeles 2020. Of these events, the team has managed to place first and second twice, which puts them in third place on the overall standings for the CIS and EU region. When it comes to prize pools, their winnings add up to a total of $210,000 – which lands them in second place overall, with their victory at ESL One LA contributing $60,000 to this.

When looking toward the winrate category, the main VP roster have played a total of 145 games, winning 90 of these and securing a 62% winrate, third in the overall CIS and EU bracket. One other factor that can be picked up from their recent form is VP’s aggressive and fast paced gameplay which can be seen in no less than seven of their games since March 1st, 2020, ending in under 20-minutes.


Looking to VP’s youth roster, VP.Prodigy, they have played in a total of five events since forming in only April of this year. However, their formation has sent ripples through both the CIS and EU regions as they showed up with some fantastic results. Apart from having two players in the top five MMR ranks, VP.P have won three events and placed second and third once each – with Team Secret being their downfall on both those occasions. These placements add up to the team making $149,000 in winnings and being ahead of the main squad in tournament placements.

When it comes to winrate, VP.P find themselves beating out the main VP roster again, with 93 total games played and a winrate of 69% to put them in second place.

VP General Manager, Sergey Glamazda had the following to say on the current state of both squads,

The lockdown proved to be an interesting timeframe for the organization: we experienced changes inside one roster and simultaneously acquired another lineup where the players barely even met each other live. Looking at the raw numbers, Virtus.pro’s overall results in Dota 2 seem to be more than enough. However, knowing the inside chemistry of the team, I can safely say that the guys expected more and practiced for other results. We have the uncertainty of LANs and DPC in general ahead of us, so we’ll have to do out best with what we have now. I’m thankful to all the fans for supporting our teams.”

Both VP squads will be participating in the upcoming OGA Dota PIT Season 2: Europe and CIS event and, without Team Secret in the tournament, it is highly possible that we see both these squads launch themselves to the top.

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