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Valve surprises the Dota 2 community with Diretide returning after seven years

After seven years of ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give DIRETIDE spam from the Dota 2 community, Valve finally delivers what looks to be a memorable event. 

Diretide 2020 is here and it brings with it more cosmetics than any TI Battle Pass has ever done. 

However, there is a trick to it, as it should for a Halloween event. The 2020 Diretide comes with an in game custom mode and reward drops in any normal or ranked match.

However, besides a courier, a set of wards, a mega-kill announcer, the free drops are mostly seasonal, all adding “spooky” effects to the heroes, couriers, deaths and kill streaks. The luckiest players might get a random “mystery item” drop or one of the 10 spooky emoticons and sprays, but the real grind starts if you decide that you need to have one of the 60 newly added to the game cosmetics.

Those are included in a Hallowed Chest of the Diretide, which can drop in any matchmaking game or in the Dire tide event. However, to unlock each chest players will need to purchase a chest key for $2.50. The treats inside the chest contain immortal items, immortal sets, contributors sets and ultra rare emblems created in four different colors.

60 cosmetics – 5 tiers:

  • Tier 1 treats:  a total of 32 contributors item sets
  • Tier 2 treats: a total of 16 sets coming with an ambient effect
  • Tier 3 treats: a total of 8 immortal items for Shadow Shaman, Undying, Phantom Assassin, Phantom Lancer, Omniknight, Mars, Bane and Grimstroke  
  • Tier 4 treats: a total of 4 immortal sets for Juggernaut, Slark, Snapfire and Sniper
  • Tier 5 treats: ultra rare Emblems of the Diretide coming in four different colors.

To ease the grind, Valve brought an “improved marketability” feature for the Diretide cosmetics, which allows the players to buy any of the items that they want from the market. Even more so, a recycle system is also in play, allowing you to combine 10 items of the same tier to receive a random item of the tier immediately above, up to tier 4 drops.  

Diretide 2020 starts today, October  29 and will end on the 22nd of December. Good luck and have fun!

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