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VALORANT Patch 1.06 nerfs the power of the “air shotgun”

Sorry, Jett and Raze mains.

VALORANT devs are making a significant weapon balance change in today’s “air shotgun” patch.

VALORANT Patch 1.06 is targeting the consistency of shotguns, decreasing their accuracy when fired in the air.

“While shotguns are doing well in situations they are supposed to, there’s been overly frustrating moments where people are accurate with these weapons while in the air,” the patch notes read. “We hope to curb some of those encounters while still making them possible if you catch an opponent at a short distance.”

The shotgun spread penalty when in the air was increased from 0.5 to a whopping 1.25. This will make landing a fatal shot while jumping with the Shorty, Bucky, or Judge much harder. But the theatrics should still work from a short distance since that’s likely how the shotguns were designed in the first place.

Jett and Raze have the most to lose with the nerf since they often use their mobility abilities in tandem with shotguns. Jett easily closes the gap and pounces on enemies with shotguns using Tailwind and Updraft. And Raze’s Blast Packs help her get up close and personal. But if shotguns still work efficiently from close range, this nerf shouldn’t be too bad.

Riot is also investigating more potential changes to shotguns for future patches.

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