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V5 are eliminated from Playoffs and depend on LGD's defeat to have options for Worlds

After having an amazing start of the Summer Split, ending the Regular Season in 5th position (after being in 17th place), qualifying for Playoffs, and beating FunPlus Phoenix in their first Bo5, one of the LPL’s most promising teams, Victory Five, has been eliminated in their quarter-finals series against Suning Gaming.

The series began with Victory Five showing a pretty decent performance and taking the first match after a game with a good start, making Suning’s Top-laner’s life impossible. Despite between minutes 10 to 25 Suning seemed to take the advantage, V5 managed to come back and won the first game.

Victory Five won the first match but didn’t convince anyone… and the catastrophe was not long in coming.

In the second game, Suning Gaming had a pretty messed start, giving away up a couple of kills within the first minutes, but they managed to keep the advantage in the gold score and regroup to take the lead in the objectives race too. Victory five seemed to come back again, but then Suning took the Baron buff, and with its power, they became unstoppable, destroyed the enemy’s mid lane, and after a few minutes, used their advantage to win the second game.


In the third game, Suning Gaming was superior from the beginning, tanking many early kills that helped their Jhin to snowball. Again, they took advantage in all the scores, wider than in the previous games, and despite Victory Five fought to decrease the difference between them in the mid-game, Suning was able to position themselves and, especially, their AD Carry, so V5 could do nothing but watch huge amounts of damage fall on them every time they tried to fight. The game ended with V5 having zero chances to win against a team whose AD Carry ended 13/1/11.

For the fourth and last game of the series, Victory Five subbed in their substitute AD Carry, but this change was not enough for them to take their chances back. In five minutes, the Chinese Lions managed to take a big advantage over their enemies after a team-fight that ended with a 5-2 in the kills score. That was the death sentence for them, together with Suning overperforming V5 in every lane, having much better control over the map, and thus, taking all the objectives that helped them to win the last game and automatically qualify for the Regional Finals.

The lions ROAR their way to the semifinals!

SN 3⃣️-1⃣️ V5 #SNWin #LPL pic.twitter.com/578DyXTVO3

— LPL (@lplenglish) August 15, 2020


This loss means that Victory Five are eliminated from Playoffs, and from now, their chances to be a Worlds team do no longer depend on themselves.

The responsibility lies in LGD Gaming, who are facing Invictus Gaming tomorrow August 16th. If LGD wins the Bo5 against the former World Champions, Victory Five dreams will be completely over, and this year would have ended for them.

In case LGD Gaming cannot win their series against IG, Victory Five will still not have any advantage in the qualifiers. They would be in the fourth seed to compete for only two spots for World Championship… a very rough path.

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