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The ‘Next Mom-and-Pop Business’ Will be in Online Content, Says Maestro’s Jordan Udko

The day his new position at Maestro was revealed, the now executive vice president of revenue Jordan Udko spoke with The Esports Observer about his departure from Cloud9 and new focus. Rather than just esports or gaming, Udko’s role includes all types of content; applying the experience and knowledge acquired in esports to what he considers to be the future of content consumption. 

“The next mom-and-pop business will not necessarily be a brick-and-mortar business. It will be in online content,” he said. “All they have to do is capture a very small percentage — the ‘super fan’ if you will — to make a living.”
Maestro has produced solutions for both the Fortnite World Cup and Overwatch esports, as well as the Dallas Cowboys and Sky Sports. Its product adds interactive options to livestreams, allowing content creators to better understand audience behavior while also integrating sales options. 

Udko said the gamification that esports and other forms of gaming provide is now being adopted by several verticals. “We’re seeing from clients, anecdotally, that it’s almost doubling revenue, from call-to-action to purchase in a stream.”

Maestro will announce a couple of “dynamic partnerships” in the next 30-60 days. “What I am doing now, and this is the exciting part of my job, is no two clients are alike. No one client represents a fraction of our business,” said Udko.

One of Maestro’s recently added clients, Grammy winner Melissa Etheridge, began charging between $5-10 USD for livestream concerts during the lockdown, before offering subscriptions. Her core demo is in the 45-65 year-old range, a far cry from the typical online audiences for a gaming personality like Ninja or Korean pop idols BTS. “Streaming used to be thought of as a young person’s business, and we are enabling every demographic to be successful.”

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