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The 100 Thieves $50 Million Gaming Compound Is Ridiculous

As we barrel head-first towards 2021, it’s time to look back at what made 2020 so great. Which was basically nothing, but there was that one funny bit in January where 100 Thieves unveiled their ostentatious $50 million esports facility in LA. That was kinda neat.

In case you’d already forgotten (and honestly, we don’t blame you), gaming brand and esports organization 100 Thieves opened a big gamer compound way back in the before-pandemic times that was basically the gamer Mecca. It had state-of-the-art equipment for streaming including green rooms, editing rooms, talk show rooms, a lounge, arcade, and even a basketball court in the parking lot.

It was–and still is–totally ridiculous and probably turned out to be a huge waste of money given how a few months later everyone was on lockdown stuck at home. So naturally, Videogamedunkey decided to make it the subject of even more ridicule thanks to his latest video.

Videogamedunkey is continuing to celebrate December by giving up on his normal schedule of four carefully curated and meticulously edited joke videos in favor of low-effort meme-filled vids that get posted daily, an ongoing protest against YouTube algorithms that favor view numbers over everything else. To help him out, he hired an editing and marketing team to ensure he has the best click-bait titles and thumbnails in order to maximize his viewership while minimizing the effort required and ensure his channel gets a new video every day.

And the sad thing is it’s working. Although each individual daily video generally has less views than any of Videogamedunkey’s previous vids, they collectively have WAY more views than he’s ever had in a single month. A few of them even managed to reach trending status on YouTube’s front page even though their satirical vids mocking YouTube’s algorithms.

Unfortunately for 100 Thieves, they’re really just a convenient gag to pull in order for Videogamedunkey to generate more daily views. Pretty much sums up the social media landscape for 2020.

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